Different headings on sub-switchboards

In Access 97, is there any way to have a different heading at the top of a switchboard if you have a button that takes you to a sub-switchboard?  So for instance, if my main switchboard says "Contracts" and I have a button on this switchboard labeled REPORTS, so when I click on this button it takes me to a sub-switchboard.  And at the top, now I want it to say "Contract Reports" instead of just "Contracts".  Any way to do this??????

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Lianne072600Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Have you ever tried creating a form and using this as a switchboard page? I know this doesn't actually answer your question but I thought it may be worth mentioning as I always find it not only easier to create but much simpler to manage switchboards that are actually standard forms with the relevant buttons on. This is especially prevalent if you will ever want to use the database on differant versions of Access, as standard forms are easy to convert/migrate. Just a thought.

Just goto the switchboard manager.
The switchboardnames that are displayed will be the name of the form, when you add a switchboard as a sub, you're able to specify the text on the MainSwitchboard, that can ofcourse differ from the switchboardname.

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esu4236Author Commented:
I tried your idea, and that may work better.

I don't understand your message.  I'm talking about the text box title that appears at the top of the main switchboard - not the actual selections on the switchboard.
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I thought you were referring to the name of the form in the blue bar.
The textbox can be changed by adding a text column named "titletext" to the table "Switchboard Items"
and using this code in Private Function HandleButtonClick(intBtn As Integer):

        ' Go to another switchboard.
        Case conCmdGotoSwitchboard
            Me.Filter = "[ItemNumber] = 0 AND [SwitchboardID]=" & rs![Argument]
            If IsNull(rs!titletext) Then
               Me.Label1.Caption = "Your database name"
               Me.Label1.Caption = rs!titletext
            End If
You'll need to replace the "Your database name" with the application name you want on the first form and all sub-switchboards require the wanted text.

Clear ?

esu4236Author Commented:
That may be the way we go -- set up a separate form with all the buttons on it to access the other forms.  I like that idea.

Thanks for the tip.
Glad to be of assistance.

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