WHERE to get Fixpak 35?


I recently insatall OS/2 Warp Server SMP and would like to install device driver to SIS 5595 through SciTech.

Must I first need install fixpak 35.

Where can I get (exactaly) this fixpak? What correct address?

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OttaConnect With a Mentor Commented:


for FixPak 40 -- the *LAST* "supported" FixPak
for OS/2 Warp 3 and for OS/2 Warp Connect.  

Note that FixPaks are "cumulative",
so that applying #40 will include all the fixes from #35.
FixPak #35 probably was "current" when the document
was written, and FixPak #40 was not available.
So, substitute #40 for #35.

FixPaks can also be installed directly from the Internet,
rather than by downloading, creating many(!) diskettes,
and then updating OS/2 from those diskettes.
I'm not sure about 35, but you can get 38 here:


Hope it helps.
Last official fixpak for OS/2 Warp 3 is XR_W043 available from

There is also "restricted" fixpak XR_R044 but it's not publically available.
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Sorry, "relf", but FixPak 40 _IS_ the last official one for Warp 3, and for Warp Connect.
If you are using "Warp Server", _ONLY_ then can FixPak 43 be successfully applied,
although some people have reported that they have tweaked the FixPak and their Warp 3 (or Connect) systems to apply FixPak 41 or 42 or 43.
Dunno about 41,42,43. But I installed 44 on pure Warp 3 without any problems.

Anyway tweaking is usually very simple: one need to replace \os2\install\syslevel.* files with required ones.
XR_R044 is available here: http://www7.boulder.ibm.com/pspfixpk.nsf/862563490052e5908625632a0058f405/38dffdea5549b26485256ab70083c245?OpenDocument
It's claimed to be for all versions of Warp 3 including

MMPM/2 V300
OS/2 Warp V300
OS/2 Warp Fullpack
OS/2 Warp Connect Fullpack
OS/2 Warp Server: OS/2 Warp V301
OS/2 Warp Server SMP: Base V302
Out of my experience you are probably better going for an even numbered fixpak, the odd numbered ones are often a bit flaky.  I concur with the others that the best place to get them from is service.boulder.ibm.com.
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