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Change Partition0

thnxs in advance

here is the situation..
I had a clean install from the win200SP2 cdrom on a laptop.
It got stuck on the 70% formating NTFS drive (6Gb).
I reformated the first 3GB and installed on that.
then after install i went back to format the last 3Gb
I did something stupid trying to format this(not sure what) the computer crashed during format and now i have this situation.

using MAP on the recovery console i now have
? 0 \device\harddrive0\partition0
C: 3GB \device\harddrive0\partition1
? 3GB \device\harddrive0\partition0
then CDROMS FDD etc..

I am pretty sure i need to set c: (and partition1) to be partition0 so my computer can boot from the Harddisk, but i dont know how.

The questions

Have i got the solution right?
Can this be done, and how ?

1 Solution
wfordAuthor Commented:
Oh, and another 100 for the hard disk formating problem..a 3rd party freeware/shareware NTFS lower level formater that you can recomend?
Are you saying that you got the operating system installed but it won't boot up? Don't change the disk paramaters manually, run fixboot from the recovery console and see if it can fix the problem for you.
wfordAuthor Commented:
ive run fixboot, it will not boot..
'Insert system disk in drive.'

the problem as i see it is:
it finds partition0, but since it contains nothing(and is not formatted), it does not look in partition1 where Winnt is installed. but moves onto FDD and CDROM

i think i need to rearrange/edit the partition table so (C: or partition1) is partition0, then all will be fine (i hope), I dont know how to go about this (what programs etc) and would like a guide before trying it on the wing.

I have no data on C other than all the installations of windows2000 and updated drivers, but reformating it may not solve the problem if partition0 stays 0MB.      
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I think you have to boot from the win2000 cd and try to repartitoned your harddrive.If problem persist in formatting.so try to find out that, may be some part of your hard drive may have damaged.
go to www.bootdisk.com and get delpart (it's on the utilities page)
delete all partitions
then boot to a w98 bootdisk, run fdisk, create the partition(s) format fat32
install w2k
then after it is setup, convert the drives to NTFS
wfordAuthor Commented:
ok, i have the computer booting from partition1..

I used a bootdisk

before that i tried a new partition in the unpartitioned space from the win2000CD consoul and got

? 0 \device\harddrive0\partition0
C: 3GB \device\harddrive0\partition1
? 3GB \device\harddrive0\partition0
D: 3GB \device\harddrive0\partition2

now win2000 is back up, ill try using the ok, ive reset the c: drive to partition0 so i have a bootable system again

now for the last 3 gb on the disk, anyone help with the hard drive block on formatting?
wfordAuthor Commented:
More specifically, I would like to format the unused 3Gb without killing the C: partition running windows.

Delpart seems to delete the whole disk.

It could be alot of bad clusters in one region but the format tool in win 2000 cannot handle it!
check out partition magic, it should be able to do what you need
wfordAuthor Commented:
>check out partition magic, it should be able to do what you need
thanks, it does seem to be what I was after(i cant seem to download it on trial), is there any downloadable share or free ware software that does the same?  

In the meantime i solved the problem..
by measuring the %formatted before it locked up i found the approx zone of bad sectors, using disk manager I created a 8mb partition around the bad zone then formatted new NTFS partitions on both sides.
Then for kicks I tried formatting the bad 8mb blocks, and for some strange reason DM could format them.
Once the whole second section of the disk was formated, i deleted the new partitions and did a quick format on the lot, check disk then happy days.
wfordAuthor Commented:
thanks for the pointer, next time ill have this on hand before touching anything
wford glad you're up and running
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