how to send out email using CGI script in windows2k

I know there is a program in Unix/Linux called sendmail (usually located in /usr/bin/sendmail) It can be used by CGI script to send out email.

what is the sendmail program in windows 2000 pro? Or something simular to that?

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This site may be of some help. It was deigned specifically for people who are going through the same problem as you.

I hope this helps!
The "built-in" "sendmail" program in Win2k would be "M$ Outlook Express". You must set up the user accounts (as with any other email clients, sendmail, qmail, netscape) then just make sure you got it registered as default mail handler (Tools --> Options --> General)

Now everytime you want to send mail, OE will be used. Eg: when you click on a "mailto:" link on a web page, or you can programmatically call it (eg: ShellExecuteEx in VB API) and OE will launch a "compose" window.

I'm sure you want to use scripting to send emails from Win2k. You might have to do this programmatically, since it's graphical based and you need to "click" on things. In VB, you can use "SendKeys" to "click" on buttons (that are not your applications.

leekfAuthor Commented:
I think outlook express is too different from the sendmail program in unix. And I don't know how to program VB API.

Are there any 3rd party sendmail program for win2k similar to that for unix?
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Everything in Windows is graphical. Everything in UNIX is command-line based.

Commands in Windows are scaled down versions of graphical counterparts, can't do much with them, If you want full functionality, you need to use the GUI.

GUI in UNIX interfaces with command line. Almost everything in GUI calls commandline counterparts.

Not sure if this will help:

Better that the "translation" at:

Oops! My brain and my fingers don't work together! I meant:

"Better get that translation at:"

Says IIS4 though, but might work on IIS5 too.

Anyway, let me know. Going to catch some ZZZZzzzz now
Outlook Express is really not what you are looking for if you want an alternative to Linux's Sendmail. I assume you are writing web pages that use submit buttons etc. to send mail to selected recipients througha web interface.

I believe that the PERL suggestion would be your best bet.

Here's the original
Actually, this is a company called Sendmail. The actual Unix application GNU licensed software called sendmail is located at this address:

It also appears that it is only avaialble for *NIX systems, not NT/2000/IIS...
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