speedstream 5260 cannot connect

Hi, After weeks of running after support and trying on every computer i am at my wits end.  I am not much of a networking guy so please be patient.

I have trying to use a 5260 speedstream DSL modem to access my ADSL connection. I was using a USB modem previously but i would like to have shared internet connection.  

Everytime i try to connect the modem to i don't  seem to be able to get the connection.  It says that the modem is not connected properly.  I tried it on three computers and the result is the same.  

From the support, they were saying that drivers are not needed, it this true?

How should i resolve this?

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gonzal13Connect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
Great! This site is to help people. Getting the points is just represents the satifaction that one provided through a comment. Answering a question blocks every one out.

What I do when I post a question, is review each comment and then write in my comments why a comment did not work and eventually give the points when the problem was a great help.

We definately keep this requirement in force!
I have a speed stree 5360, which make no difference. Now here is my story and suggestions. It took a month of my time to realize that the techs are new and the training has been inadequate. On top of that they do not tell you that there may be need changes to the setup, possibly download the latest program (I have earthlink) and possibly modify the registry.

Here is the text from the last tech that mad my system fly:
If you are experiencing slow connection speeds, or slow routing, you can alter
your registry's "DefaultRcvWindow" setting to improve performance of your DSL
Internet connection.
Please be aware that this fix involves editing your Registry. Incorrectly
modifying your system registry can possibly cause severe problems with your
system. EarthLink can not be held liable for such problems. If you are not
confident in doing so, please let us know so we may assist you further.
1. Click on START, then RUN
2. In the Open field, type in REGEDIT
3. Click OK
4. This brings up the REGISTRY EDITOR. Before you proceed, you will need to
back up the registry so any possible errors that occur can be remedied by
restoring the old registry
5. Click on the REGISTRY menu item and choose EXPORT REGISTRY FILE
6 Type in the word ELN BACKUP and then hit the SAVE button; this saves a copy
of your registry in your WINDOWS directory.
8. Click on the X in the upper right hand corner and close the registry
7. Once you have backed up the registry, proceed with the steps below
Please go to the web site:
Click on the Windows 98 link
At the bottom click on the ***Tweaks   link
Read the informational instructions, and print it out. When you are ready click
on the "CLICK HERE" link. Download the registry fix to your desktop, and
proceed with the instructions from the information.
Now, we will need to specify an IP Address to your network card (NIC or
Ethernet Adapter) to improve performance of your PPPOE DSL Internet Connection.
To do so, please complete the following steps:
1. Click on Start, then Settings, then Control Panel
2. Double-click the Network icon
3. Find and select the TCP/IP component in the list for your Ethernet card (for
many computers, this will be TCP/IP -> Kingston Ethernet Adapter or similar)
4. Click on the Properties button
5. Click on the button next to Specify an IP address
6. For IP address in the box below: type
7. For Subnet mask in the box below that, type
8. For Gateway address in the box below, type
9. Click OK, then click OK again.
10. Restart the computer when asked to do so.
We have further information about Internet access through EarthLink at our customer support site:

gonzal13 (Joe)
aciddropsAuthor Commented:
Thanks i will give it a try.
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Also I found out recently that my Norton Firewall configuration can cause me to not connect to mye-mail Outlook Express.
I have a 5260 ADSL modem as well.  When I tried to connect more than one PPPOE connection thru it, it would not work.  (I think that my DSL provider only allows one PPPOE connection per DSL modem)  I had to get a cable/dsl router to connect to the PPPOE network on the outside, and give out private addresses on the inside.  My privately addressed machines need to connect to the Internet, they are natted to the public address obtained thru IPCP on the outside.  If you are using PPPOE (in other words, you had to use a name and password to connect when you were using the USB modem) this could be your problem.

I recommend www.speedstream.com or www.linksys.com or www.dlink.com.
Look for the Speedstream 2614 or the Linksys BEFSR41 or the DLink DI-604.
I found some comments just recently in a magazine "PC Upgrade" regarding speeding up DSL connections. I made the easy modifications to the registry and at least it seems that it speeded up the connections to websites.

First remember that if the modification to the registry which is simple does not work, just boot up in dos, then type in scanreg / restore and hit enter. next reboot your machine which will then restore your registry before the m odifications.

2:Creat by clicking on the righ side of the two panels, where you will see DWORD. Click on this and type MaxConnectionPerServer  Set the value to 12.
3:Create by clicking on the right side again and this time type in MaxConnectionPer1_0Server and enter the value 8

I noticed at least for now a speed up.

I would write down what you did in microsoft and save it for future reference if you find out later that it does not work, since everytime yo add a program the registry changes. this way you can always go back and simply erase those lines.

Joe (gonzal13)
Above should be MaxConnections  Not MaxConnedtion
I had recently had the same problem about connecting to Earthlink's system. It actually was a corruption on the hard drive. Once this was fixed, I was able to conect (it did indicate it was connected, but then IE would say cannot find server>

He is the solution as provided bu the ISP this past Saturday. I went through 4 techs before I found some one that knew what he was talking about. He then sent me what you see below, for future reference.

Uncheck Dial-Up Network and VPN in Communications which is in Add/Remove under Windows Setup Tab.
Search for the following files and either rename them for delete them:
Vdhcp.386, vip.386, vnbt.386, vtcp.386, vtdi.386, vudp.386, winsock.dll, wsock.vxd, pppmac.vxd, splitter.vxd

Run regedit and then export the registry. Delete the following keys:




Check Dial-Up Network and VPN in Communications which is in Add/Remove under Windows Setup Tab.

Don’t forget to click OK when needed. If you have any problems, give us a call.

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