Suddenly computer only offers 16 colors. Period.

I'm trying to help my mother-in-law with a problem she's having with her computer.  She said that all of a sudden out of the blue the display on it went from the Hi Color (16 bit) she was using before to 16 colors.  Now eveything looks like it's in safe mode.  She swears she didn't install any program that could have caused this.
When I look in the Display Properties: Settings, I click on the Colors, but the ONLY choice it gives is 16 colors. All the other choices have disappeared.
I tried putting in the Win98 disk and went into the Control Panel: System: Device Manager: Display Adaptor, and I tried to Update the Driver by having it look both on the Win98 disk and on the hard drive, but it tells me that the best driver is already installed.  It's a Sis 6329, if that means anything.
I even tried re-installing the Win98, thinking it might re-install the display driver and such and fix the problem, but no such luck.
Any ideas on how to correct this?
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soniyaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Remove the display Adapter from Device manager, Control panel, restart the machine, let windows search for the new hardware. Now try reinstalling the drivers for the display card.
ascoredhatAuthor Commented:
Will this also work if it's on-board video?
What is the company name of the computer.

I can not find any references to sis 6329.
There is an Sis 6326.

The drivers have been made by sis for the company of your computer. You need to get info on those drivers.

I have worked on computers using Sis Integrated video and some of them need a "loader" program to be executed first.

To find this out we need to know more about the sis 6329
which I can't find, do you have a driver disk with the computer?

Let us know some more info about your system...

After having said that, and the fact the video was working, is it possible that you may have deleted the autoexec.bat file from your computer? On my computers the loader program was executed from there before windows loads. If the autoexec.bat file was deleted this may explain why now the computer only loads 16 colors.

Check that the c:\ root has a file called autoexec.bat.
Open it with note pad and see if there is any reference
to  an 6329xxx.exe or such. Is it remmed out?

If none check for a file called autoexec.bak.
See if it has a reference to a file such as 6329xxx...

Keep us posted..

ascoredhatAuthor Commented:
Thank you, soniya.  I did exactly what you suggested and it re-installed itself and corrected whatever glitch it had developed.
And you are right, tandy, the driver is a 6326, not a 6329. I was going by memory and I should know by now that, uh, isn't what it...uh, what it..umm, what were we talking about?
Thanks again for the help!
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