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counter-strike problem with xp!!!!

hi all,i was playing counter-strike for 1 year now with windows xp till this error came back when am already logged on server :C DOCUME~1\RAMI~1\LOCALS~1|Temp\WER6B1.tmp. dir00\appcompat.txt  
the weird in this error that the file cuzing the error is not in my cs folder,so i tryed to make a system restore sincs my xp is doing a checkpoints everyday ,id di and the error gone, 3 hours later and the error came back can u plz help me?
I HAVE P4.19 WITH GEFORCE 3 TI 500 ASUS WITH THE NEWEST nvidia driver ,audigy platnium with the newest driver,memory 512 rambus ram ,direct x 8.1,(i didnt install anything that could make this error for sure)
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Well....as far as I can see from this error...it comes from a temporary file. As far as I can see it is something that compacts an application (appcompact.txt)

So I would suggest you turn off the automatic system checks and such like Defragmentation and those kind of things. Some application is trying to compact something and is not succeeding. It's not likely this has anything to do with CS...

Did you try emptying your TEMP folders? you don't usually need those items anyway. They are there for installation or temporary needs.

APCOMPAT.EXE is an app that lets you run applications as if they were on other Windows OSes. It works sometimes for some older games. I don't know offhand what your TXT file is.

I don't run XP so I don't know the Windows XP way to clean your HD for space but in Win2K, you go to START, PROGRAMS, ACCESSORIES, SYSTEM TOOLS, DISK CLEANUP.

I presume XP has a similar setup.

to empty manually, go to

Some of these folders may be hidden.

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AH, that will not be located in your CS directory my friend. Such a file name in the temp directory sounds like a worm.


There are plenty of viruses out there that can do such a thing.

You can try something else before you scan though, YOu can search your harddrive for the file appcompat.txt or revert your harddrive back to a point when it was working then search for that file. If you happen to find it. Open it and read the text. If it has any type of phrases that sound kind of odd, Good chance it was created by a virus. It sounds like something modeled after the Scanova worm. I have personally encounted problems similar to yours. However my computer ran the program BLAAARGH.exe, caused my CS to crash upon startup, created multiple textfiles in my temp directory, althoug mine were named 0000001.txt 0000002.txt ect and they all said patch the holes or the ship will sink and it infected 466 files on my computer. All Registration files so that it could simply copy itself when i reverted my harddrive useing system safe points :P.

Hope that helps
I have personally done a bit of research on this , although I am not even near an answer yet , it could be possible w32nimda.enc virus which is a backdoor.topic virus. Gonna do some research on that virus to make sure
I am sorry to say my friend, Your not alone in this fight with this stupid error messages. However nobody from my online resources has been able to fix it although there seems to be a big thing about it in chinesse as well. But I can't read chinesse so. Basically I sudjest to run that virus scan. Most of the users that have this problem, experience it running a large variety of programs from microsoft office to PHP on apache.

That virus detector site i sent you to should pick it up, make sure it scans the whole harddrive as the actual virus can be located elsewhere. It could have changed your registry settings and trys to open this non-existing file in a spot where the program will just crash because all files in that directory are required. I am pretty sure your looking at a virus. If that virus protection software does find the virus. You can simply click the delete button once it is done and that should fix it. however it will delete all your infected applications. and I am pretty sure by the looks of it that your Counter-Strike has been infected.
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