Where is the output from my "printf "?


Im using Visual C++ to develop an app. Not using MFC. I need to pront out some data so Im using "printf". However I cant find where the output is going. I thought it would be the "results" window but nothing there.

Any ideas?
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SabnisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
change it to win32 console in project settings.....thats is   change /subsystem:windows to /subsystem:console or
if u want to maintain a win32 app
then go to project setting and redirect the output of the application to a text file : that is in program arguements give > myprintfoutput.txt
and u shall get the printf outputs there
What type is your project?
Is it Win32 Console or Win32 App?
If your project is a Win32 Console application, then your printf output should appear on the console window.

rangers99Author Commented:

Its a win32 App.
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