communicating Delphi and MIRC

how can i make a program to communicate MIRC with delphi, i want to have an application like MIRC this will only
recieve message and pass message thats all.

from my question ask last time well.. you guys give me an answer but just "refering" me to some sites..

i surf that site and even downloaded some sources well, those components have problems
ex. like there is an error found on my uses clause like
  "dsocket" not found. etc. etc. etc...

i would be appreciate if somebody can give me a simple RUNNING PROGRAM that can do that MIRC like. of course the source code too so that i can edit it.

those site you've given to me have samples but i cant edit the source coz, when i opened the source an error pops on my screen saying
"CLASS bla bla bla NOT FOUND...ignore the error and continue bla bla bla"...

so anybody who have a greatefull heart can help me?

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alanwhincupConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can also do this with the ICS component suite. Have a look at and then in the Products->User Made section
girlswants_meAuthor Commented:
From mIRC help:

Applications can now use SendMessage() to communicate with the 32bit mIRC.

Performing Commands
The following call to SendMessage() makes mIRC perform the commands that you specify.

   SendMessage(mHwnd, WM_MCOMMAND, cMethod, 0L)

   mHwnd - the handle of the main mIRC window, or the handle of a Channel, Query, etc. window.

   WM_MCOMMAND - which should be defined as WM_USER + 200

   cMethod - the way in which you want mIRC to process the message, where:
        1 = As if typed in editbox
        2 = As if typed in editbox, send as plain text
        4 = Use flood protection if turned on, can be or'd with 1 or 2

   Returns - 1 if success, 0 if fail

Evaluating Identifiers and Variables
The following call to SendMessage() makes mIRC evaluate the contents of any line that you specify.

   SendMessage(mHwnd, WM_MEVALUATE, 0, 0L)

   mHwnd - the handle of the main mIRC window, or the handle of a Channel, Query, etc. window.

   WM_MEVALUATE - should be defined as WM_USER + 201

   Returns - 1 if success, 0 if fail

Mapped Files
The application that sends these messages must create a mapped file named mIRC with CreateFileMapping().

When mIRC receives the above messages, it will open this file and use the data that this mapped file contains to perform the command or evaluation. In the case of an evaluation, mIRC will output the results to the mapped file.

The mapped file must be at least 1024 bytes in length.

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girlswants_meAuthor Commented:
thats not what i mean, what i mean is that to make an MIRC like application.
The Indy [1] package includes a IRC client component.


TIdIRC is a TIdTCPClient descendant that implements a client for the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) protocol, as described in the Internet Standards document:

RFC 1459 - Internet Relay Chat Protocol

The IRC (Internet Relay Chat) protocol is designed for use as a text-based conferencing mechanism using the TCP/IP network protocol. IRC uses a client-server model well-suited to spanning tree distributed processsing for message forwarding and delivery.

TIdIRC provides properties, and methods that implement the specifics of the IRC protocol for client usage, including IRC commands, Users, Channels, and Channel Operators. TIdIRC also implements event handlers that allow the IRC client to perform processing required based on notifications during receipt or transmission of IRC messages.

girlswants_meAuthor Commented:
Where can i download the component for Delphi 3?
and have some samples on how to use it.
girlswants_meAuthor Commented:

ICS - Internet Component Suite
(Aka FPIETTE's Components)

now how can i use this component for COMMUNICATING MIRC like application? there are no SAMPLE PROGRAMS refering to IRC application
girlswants_meAuthor Commented:
is there any components irc for DELPHI 3?
Did you have a look at the samples page on the link I gave you? Here are direct links to the sample files:

IRC Client made with ICS components:

Or IRC Component and demo:
girlswants_meAuthor Commented:
why there is always an error of the uses clause
where can i find this component?
girlswants_meAuthor Commented:
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