Trapping DTS Failure with workflows


I have created a DTS package that checks for the existance of a file in a directory (using an ActiveX script task), by returning DTSTaskExecResult_Success or DTSTaskExecResult_Failure.

On Success the rest of the processing carries on successfully, and on failure (no file exists) I go to another ActiveX script task which just reutrns DTSTaskExecResult_Success and the execution should end there.  When I run it in both Enterprise Mgr and as a scheduled job, it throws the error.  When I run it in EM the first step fails and and then it jumps to the failure task  which completes successfully.  What I don't understand about it is why does the execution results display an error when I have allowed for that in the workflow??

Whilst being familiar with DTS I don't use it that often so perhaps I and missing out some basic stuff.  Or is this just standard behaviour for DTS.......  I have attached the error message I get from the scheduled job as well.

Executed as user: SNYDEV\SDVSQL01Starter. DTSRun:  Loading...   DTSRun:  Executing...   DTSRun OnStart:  DTSStep_DTSActiveScriptTask_1   DTSRun OnError:  DTSStep_DTSActiveScriptTask_1, Error = -2147220421 (8004043B)      Error string:  The task reported failure on execution.      Error source:  Microsoft Data Transformation Services (DTS) Package      Help file:  sqldts80.hlp      Help context:  1100      Error Detail Records:      Error:  -2147220421 (8004043B); Provider Error:  0 (0)      Error string:  The task reported failure on execution.      Error source:  Microsoft Data Transformation Services (DTS) Package      Help file:  sqldts80.hlp      Help context:  1100      DTSRun OnFinish:  DTSStep_DTSActiveScriptTask_1   DTSRun OnStart:  DTSStep_DTSActiveScriptTask_3   DTSRun OnFinish:  DTSStep_DTSActiveScriptTask_3   DTSRun:  Package execution complete.  Process Exit Code 1.  The step failed.
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You could allow one failure on the package in properties in the workflow properties you can direct to another task on failure - you can have upto three workflows for a task - on failure, on success and on completion - can you use these to redirect the flow?
In the package properties itself (in design mode - righ click on white space and select properties), there are a number of tabs, on one of them is an option to fail package on first failure - has this option been set?
barxAuthor Commented:
PUMASOFT, I checked that and it wasn't set.
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I think it needs to be, and your first Activex where it checks for the file and it doesnt exist should return DTSTaskExecResult_Failure - the DTS will then stop on this task - you do not need anything further after this - yo0u know that the file does not exist because the package has failed on the particular task.
barxAuthor Commented:
Sorry, for the delay in getting back to you PUMASOFT

But I don't want the actual package to fail execution because the file doesn't exist.  If the package fails then the SQL scheduler returns a failed job, not the result I want.  Just because the file doesn't exist there doesn't mean I want the package to throw an error, I just want it to do nothing and return successful.  If it does find the file then it executes the import logic.  If there is any problems with the import logic then I want the package to fail, not there is no file.
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barxAuthor Commented:
Sorry I didn't finalise this before.

Not sure if PUMASOFT's answer actually worked (it was over a year ago).

Seeing as PUMASOFT put the effort in to try and answer it I'll give the points anyway.

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