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how can I create button without a frame, or set appropriate style to it? I found ButtonFrameType enum, that is set of values for 'frame' field of the ControlAttrType structure, but there is no API to set the style !!

Any help / advise ?

thank you,

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I've checked the reference for it, and then checked the web as well... this seems like a strange bug in PalmOS!
They write in the reference "The ButtonFrameType specifies the type of box.", but they don't write how to send it into CtlNewControl() !!!

Another guy asked for the same thing in another group several months ago, and got the same "HUH!?" answer...

Well, in this case, if you don't want to waste time, I would go on the easy solution: Create as many buttons as you'll need dynamically - as static buttons on the form, but all are hidden, and only show those you need at run time. a lame solution, but should work...
Another way to bypass it is to create your own button as a gadget, or just to catch the pen down events and check if it's in the place you should have a button...

Sorry... :) Hope this helps in any way!
Hi Alexey,
Are you using the Constructor to create your forms?
If so, open a form with a button on it. Click the button and on the layout properties you'll see the checkbox named "Frame". Clear it - and you'll have a frameless button.

Hope this helps,
tulinAuthor Commented:
No, I create the button dynamically using CtlNewControl() API
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I use the following code to do that:

ControlPtr ctl = CtlNewControl( (void**)&frmP, 2002, buttonCtl , "Test", 10, 25, 36,12, stdFont, 0, true );

ctl -> attr.frame = noButtonFrame;


Hope this works for you.
tulinAuthor Commented:
I did so also, but there is a caution in the Palm documentation - not to access the structure directly, because in the future versions it may change. I asked how can I do this using API.
Well .. from what it seems.. this is one chance you'd have to take...I would !!
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