EFS questions

1. how do i check if 128-bit EFS is enabled on my win 2k prof installation?
2. how does windows EFS compare to IBM's embedded security chip (http://www.pc.ibm.com/ww/resources/security/securitychip.html) in terms of "strength"?

please provide a thorough examination...

thank you!
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IBM is using hardware RSA, but no details are provided.
I think that this can actually be used in ADDITION to EFS, since IBM's chip is at a low level hardware solution, that should not affect the OS itself.

I hope this helps !

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loyaliserAuthor Commented:

what about question 1?

thank you...
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\EFS

Value EfsConfiguration
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loyaliserAuthor Commented:

just checked that key and it is empty... no EfsConfiguration... just

(Default)  REG_SZ  (value not set)
Without the registry key, I'd run EFSINFO /Y redirected to an output file.  If nothing shows up in the file, I'd presume no EFS.

You can get EFSINFO here:
EFS uses hybrid encryption:

fast symmetric DESX 128 bit for the user data and then a strong public key encryption (asymmetric) of the symmetric key with 512 or 1024 bit (user or admin account)

great documentation from the author of inside windows 2000 book


loyaliserAuthor Commented:
that will be fine for now... .thanks others for info, although second part of question was more important.
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