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I like to write program for replying a telephone call connected to my system automatically in windows environment. When someone dial given number, it connected to my system and choice has been given to caller like 1 for something, 2 for something, press 0 for operator). I also want to store incoming number and option selected by the same.

I don't have any idea for hardware required for it.

So, I want to know how and in which environment , I can do this.

I appreciate for your reply.

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Hi tejmehta, :-)

Maybe this will be usefull for you:
Years ago I have written a program which was controlling several voice modems listening each on its own phone line.

I was using CirrusLogic voice modems, so I had to acquire Voice-command specification for CirrusLogic modems because there was no standard at that time for Voice-command set. Maybe today there is a Voice standard just like for FAX (class1&2).

Anyway, there was the possibility to do raw sampling of the sounds comming from the established phone connection, and modem itself was detecting pressed digit-tones, and sending them in the sampled input by sending first some escape-sequence which you can easily recognize, followed by the pressed digit.

Sampling was being done by sending some CirrusLogic-dependent escape-sequences, thus switching to Voice-mode and setting up the modem-COMport connection to 57600bps.
All I had to do after that is to read and buffer COM-port output and analyse it.

For the incoming number I really don't know because I never needed it and never tried it. Maybe there is some CallerID device which you can attach to your line and to your computer.
Some answering machines have a serial or parallel printer port to print out duration and phone number which was dialed out and this can be caught and parsed by a program, but I don't remember if these answering machines that I worked with also log incoming calls (again I didn't need this feature so I don't remember if it was possible).

Good luck with your project, you are probably going to need it. :-)

    </ntr> :)

p.s. this information is for free :-)
Voice modems for such applications (CTI) range from very cheap ones to industry-grade modems (such as ). Also, before re-inventing the spare wheel, have a look at existing CTI (Computer-Telephony Integration) solutions and toolkits:

Also have a look at OpenSource/GNU approaches:

Finally, you may want to read about the Linux Telephony API:

The subject is not a trivial one... Good luck!


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