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I'm in a new company now.  (huh better update my EE profile :-)

We gonna be developing applications in C, Java, VB on Linux and Win32 platforms.   Desktops will be Linux and Win32 too.  

I need a CVS that will be easy to manage, cross-platform adminstration modules, ideally pretty cheap but i don't mind paying if its the business,  and i'll really like it to manage *all* the documentation in the business eg. sales and marketing stuff too?

Any ideas?

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ahoffmannConnect With a Mentor Commented:
So this question got a solution, nice.

> mini-Q:
simple answer: you cannot (simple completely remove a module)
     # you may use following:
     cvs remove list of files in module
     cvs commit
long answer:
what you want to do is the contrary of what a repository is for, so, for obvious reason, any good repository does not support this task (remove anything including repository files).
If you realy whant to do that, you need to do it manually, by removing the repository files, and the corresponding information in the config files. BTW, if you would have chosen SCCS (or it uccessors), you simply would remove each unwanted repository file from the file system, ready. In CVS it's not that simple.
source code management only (free tools):
 - RCS
 - CVS

free tools:
 - CVS (limited projekt management)

proprietary tools to purchase:
 - ClearCase/ClearQuest
 - TeamConnection
 - BitSCCS (complient to SCCS, RCS, CVS)
Not real sure what you want, fwiw, but we've run PVCS and in our environment it is not useful, more trouble than it is worth. Others in EE have had success.

For documention in general, FileNet was supposed to be among the leaders. You might check them out first, to clarify what kinds of pieces you are looking for.

Then there's MS'Office. I assume from the above that it's only value would lie in contrast of that which is not enough. IBM/Lotus/Domino might be worth a visit, and Novell, but I assume that while they'd be a step above office, they'd be behind some on those who support more alternatives.
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If into programming, MS has web capabilities, between dB + exchange/outlook, IIS, with owa and webdav.  Since those can be problematic, they may also not be wise first choice unless already available and pressed for time. If it was me, I would not rush into facing more vulnerabilities and (near future) further incompatibilities (from within, same mfr, re upgradability).

(use browser to find FileNet commentary)
Another search term: Panagon:

One thing I'd look for (and do not see yet) is the mfr page that says they are best, and better than competitor so-and-so (to get list of similar products)
bendeckoAuthor Commented:
OK guys.  Gimme a day or two to read and learn.

> .. PVCS and in our environment it is not useful, ..
SunBow, you payed for it, now you're allowed to struggle with its proprietaries :-o

SCCS is as old as UNIX (and still have some bugs), but it's working like a charme, can simply be imprved with scripts, and I've never seen another versioning system which does not support reading SCCS file (except M$).
Just my 2 pence ...
Whatever the product, given choice, it functions better if a unice does backend. Many convert, run MS, but mainly only for the client interface piece (windows).

PVCS, while I could agree, I meant to reflect more on how it is sample of how sometimes we have to struggle with corporate individuals, and their personal proprietaries. This has impact on alternatives as well.

Not too irreverant may be that with similar handling of platforms, 'suites' in different areas oft change, become 'new improved' for add-ons, enhancements, using buzz words like 'objects', to justify additional cost, but leave me seeing just familiar screens. Even things like file manager and windows explorer wrapped in a different name that makes it seem proprietary, when all it is, is an upgrade of product to keep up with what user gets from the OS. (so functions and stability of some MS features have become more important to me, for reasons disparate from products of Redmond)

I do highly recommend 'sleeping on it', the kind of review offline where you let the subconcious kick in to identify the areas of marketeering snowjob, that help the eyes focus better on what the different functions of a product may really be.  At times one can find that the backend is the same, that it is only the UI that changes between offerings. Despite the hype of the offereror. Value can thus be had for expense (hours) of running some free trials periods, when available.
bendeckoAuthor Commented:
Sorry EE huh looks great (apart from the 'reload button gone?) anyway.  

Returning soon with Qs.....
bendeckoAuthor Commented:
Ok - CVS it is.

I come from an DOS background but the new boss has totally swallowed the open source story and is insistent on Linux.   Fine its him paying the bill when it took me 2 days to get the mcafee antivirus auto update bash script to work!  it would have taken me 2 mins in windows!

but give me credit i've setup Red Hat, sendmail, fetchmail, IMAP mailboxes, samba, antivirus, FTP, apache all from being pretty clueless in the time this Qs been open.

Now for CVS - yeah looks pretty cool.  but i can't expect my programers (many a windows boys) to telnet into the CVS server and run these commands?  wincvs looks like an ok GUI front-end.

Oh just one more mini-Q.   how on earth do i completely remove an entire module, eg. bin it.   i've got loads of 'testprojects' in the repository and 'myfirsttestprojects' all full of junk.    

Thanks for your help guys.

bendeckoAuthor Commented:
Thanks you both.

Split points on this one OK?

Look for point for Qs in this section.

Hello bendecko, point have been lower from 100 to 50 for you split.

CS Admin @ EE
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