internet explorer 6

I work with Windows98 and Internet Explorer 6
From time to time when loading a site the browser disappears from my screen and the monitor shows only the desktop.
However the browser continues loading the site in background. In such case I cannot launch the IE again and I must restart my computer in order do it. Then entering the site again I find it fully loaded.
I tried to repair the IE6 through the "add/remove software" but it
doesn't help.
What happens? How can I return to the browser without restarting my computer?
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Check WindowsUpdate for patches and fixes to both the Operating System as well as to IE 6; many fixes have been rolled out.

Clear your browser's cache - IE - tools - internet options - general - clear temporary internet files and history files and include offline content, then reboot.

Highly recommend running maintenance as well which includes cleanup/scandisk and defrag.

If the problem continues, let us know.

I find IE 6 a superior Browser, with many end-user customization options, but definitely keep it updated with fixes and recommend that highly.

Has this problem always been, or is this a recent one.  If recent, let us know what you installed or changed recently.

YOu may also benefit by checking what your available resource percentage is by a right-click on the My Computer icon, properties and performance tab.  Perhaps you're running things in the background that isn't needed and/or perhaps you are running applications with memory leaks.

1) Did you try changing focus (Alt+Tab) back to IE6?
2) You could also try (Ctrl+Alt+Del) to get the list of programs and shut down IE6 from there.

If none of these will help, you may need to repair IE or even do a system file check (sfc) to make sure your 98 installation is healthy.

go to your desktop (prior to opening internet explorer)
rightclick on internet explorer and select properties.

check if the homepage setting is showing as normal or pointing to a non-existing page.

check on the language settings if something is filled in.
and in the advanced tab uncheck automatically check for internet explorer updates.

go to
product updates

and see if more is available for downloading with regards to internet explorer.

if the browser hangs, click on stop to stop loading the page (if that button is still operational that is).

it sounds like the homepage url is set to a faulty address so the instructions could resolve it.
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Check for a virus and spyware. The Housecall site will allow an online virus scan. At the Lavasoft site you can download Ad-Aware so that you can scan for spyware.
what is the configuration of your PC I.E 6. is one of the most power hungry apps MS make, it sounds like your system is running low of GDI resources
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Apologies for the redundancy on the WindowsUpate recommendation, since that was posted previously, but I missed it.

If the problem occurs only for specific types of links, such as asp pages, or ones with frames and/or special css stylesheets (or perhaps Flash objects, etc), you'll want to download and reinstall any Browser Plugins, since IE 5.5 sp2 as well as IE 6 doesn't support the old Netscape style plugins and you'll need to reinstall them.  Some that you may use/need include Flash Player, QuickTime, Shockwave, and others.

> go to your desktop (prior to opening internet explorer)
rightclick on internet
> explorer and select properties.

> check if the homepage setting is showing as normal or pointing to a non-existing page.

This advice won't work for IE version 6 under Windows 98.
Perhaps the expert was
thinking of another version or something other than Windows 98 SE.

pleasenospam, this applies for windows 95 with ie 5.0/5.5 and windows 2k with ie6.0 and windows nt with ie4.0.
(these are at the moment all the versions I can get my hands on)

this brings up internet settings in the control panel, have not seen a pc where this does not work on.

perhaps you should post a question in the browser category :-)

The question was about IE 6 under Windows 98, not about Windows 95 or any other browser.

FYI: For the question as asked, the information you talked about is in the TOOLS menu of IE 6.
cool it with the caps, you're taking this far to serious and I don't care much for being shout at.

there is always more than one road that leads to Rome...

it works fine for me and for the rest of the world on all versions of windows and internet explorer including windows 98 and internet explorer 6.

just check it if you don't believe it.

find a win98 machine with an ie6
right click on the internet explorer icon on the desktop (which is not a short cut but a direct link to the internet settings and yes you can also open the internet explorer and go to tools --> internet options if you got some extra time to kill) and see what happens
Boy, you are something else!
rid provided a very good suggestion to try to toggle back to Internet Explorer with
ALT-TAB but we haven't had any feedback if that was tried.

On my Windows 98 system with IE 6, I call IE from a folder on the desktop instead of
direct from the desktop.  That has worked very well for me, and it provides a
buffer of sorts plus other associated icons are also in that folder.  If IE fails,
it bounces back to that folder instead of the desktop.

However, when my POPUP killer knocks back certain popups that are recursive, it
will kill the whole process and bounce all the way back to the DESKTOP.  Then, the
log will indicate that up to 10 or so attempts at intrusion had been made
by the same popup.

Based on that experience, I suggest that SPYWARE may be involved in the current problem.
It is more likely that a clue may be found in the COOKIES.
There may be some site
that is married to advertising popups that is the culprit.
Any COOKIES that show up
with words like "ads" or "media" are best rejected by tailoring the FIREWALL.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Hi, jdrbooks, have you been helped here?  Is more needed?

Significant fixes have been rolled out for IE 6 in Service Patch 1 from WindowsUpdate and highly recommend that you visit WindowsUpdate and apply them.


idrbooksAuthor Commented:
Thanks Asta, but the browser problem was a temporary one, probably some glitch which lasted about 2-3 weeks but appears no more.
I would like now to close this question (temporarily??).
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
There is no way to close this question temporarily; if it is inactive, Modertors will take actions to close it if more than 21 days.

Did you try the solutions we offered to you?

Have you applied the patch and fixes which are very significant using WindowsUpdate?

Listening further.

Hello all,
I am Computer101 from Experts-Exchange and also an expert within this topic area. This uestion has been open a long time.  What I am going to do is allow feedback from the questioner and xperts.  If it is not resolved, I will delete or accept an answer based on the info I have been given, Experts, feel free to offer input.  I will monitor these questions for a period of 5-7 days and come back and evaluate.  I will have another moderator (who is also an expert in this topic area) look at the question also to ensure we do the right thing for this question.

Thank you
E-E Admin
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
This comment came a couple of MONTHS after we added the information that should have resolved this:

Comment from idrbooks  09/15/2002 02:13AM PST  
Thanks Asta, but the browser problem was a temporary one, probably some glitch which lasted about 2-3 weeks but appears no more.
I would like now to close this question (temporarily??).

Points should be awarded.

thanks, C101.

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