Capture/Compression problem with Premiere 5.1c

I bought Dazzle Hollywood DV-Bridge a few days ago and have been having some problems making it interact with Premiere 5.1c
The problem is this: no matter what settings I put up in Prem, I cannot capture any video.  The program does put out an .avi file, however there seems to be a compression problem (maybe?) since no application I have can read that .avi.  
Now, the bundled software that came with DV-Bridge captures just fine, at least the program itself can read it.  Premiere still does not recognize it as a valid .avi.  
I'm capturing from a Hi8 Sony cam (analog) which DV-B converts to digital signal in order to get it to my comp thru a firewire host.  In the control panel of my comp there is a DVCam button now, which brings me to a simple still image grab type thing, so the signal IS getting to the computer.  

So the only idea I have is that there is somekind of a compression problem.  I don't know much about the technicalities of this, so I am asking for help.  

Any help will be much appreciated, and as always please post your comments as such and not answers.  

If there is any more info you need to diagnose the problem feel free to ask, I will do my best to provide more info.  
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TheRedGuyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Also, look here;EN-US;q191195 

and here;EN-US;q219047 

The last link describes your specific problem at the foot of the page under 'More Information'
What codec does the avi file use? You can establish the FOURCC by right-clicking on the file in Explorer to view the file's properties. Go to the 'preview' tab. If the file does not display, there will be a message indicating the FOURCC that corresponds to the codec....
SergAuthor Commented:
it says "mmsystem296 the files cannot be played on the specified MCI device".
still sounds like a compression problem does it not?
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Hmmmm. Not sure - I wasn't expecting that message. Have you researched this error message at Microsoft's site?
SergAuthor Commented:
Well the interesting thing is that the message only appears if I got thru properties and then preview.  It work fine when played in Win Media Player.  In Premiere it says something like "no audio or video present."
Here's your answer. It's a problem with the audio layer, apparently...

Your audio hardware cannot play files like the current file.
Mmsystem296 The file cannot be played on the specified MCI device. The file may be corrupt, or not in the correct format.;EN-US;q133365

SergAuthor Commented:
Hey RedGuy
Thanks for helping out.  My problem was partly what those microsoft pages were about, and part incompatibility with Premiere 5.0.  I upgraded to 6.0 yesterday and it has firewire capture support, so I think I'm back in business.
Your help has been much appreciated.
You're welcome....
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