Bad intercharacter spacing when printing

When printing from a particular application (Carat by Cartesis) in Windows 2000 the spacing between the characters is off. For example, the word "Parametrage" looks like "P a ra metra g e"  (the actual distances between the letters are smaller).

The application uses the Time New Roman font but when using it to print from other applications it works fine.
The application first prints to the screen and then you can choose to print it on paper or not. The bad spacing occurs already on the screen.

This happens on our standard Windows 2000 installation which is cloned (using Ghost) with a number of applications pre-installed (Carat is not one of those). If Windows 2000 is installed from the Select CD this problem does not occur. The printer driver is the same in both cases.

I have tried reinstalling the fonts and comparing the different system files being used.

Any ideas about what could cause this behaviour?

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I would try comparing the Font and screen setup properties, and possibly the registry entries.

What about the VGA drivers ?

Are all machines using SP2 and windowsupdate to get patches ?

I hope this helps !
whilst printing from that particular application, go into file --> print...
right click on the printer and click on properties.

go to the device settings tab (if you have that, this differs for printers)
for my printer there is a Font substution table.
all fonts should be set to don't substitute except for a few standard fonts, including arial, times new roman, symbol, etc.

check the setting for times new roman, that should be set to times new roman.

it would help if you mentioned what kind of application you are using, what kind of printer it is and how you are trying to print to it (network, local, print que, shared device, that sort of info)

but perhaps this was the solution, so if not you'll have to give a bit more information.

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