Wscript.Shell !!!

Hi Experts,

can u guys plz tell me which website do provide all the function of API??

coz whenever i set :>
set wsShell = wscript.createobject("Wscript.Shell")
.... in my file.... i only knew a limited of function only...and rite now i would like to explore more about it!..

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why a grade B, no feedback, geez I feel stupid for putting in the extra work finding the extra URL's if I had known I wasn't even going to get a chance to earn a good grade.
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jilimAuthor Commented:
sorry brunobear...

can i change the grades?...if yes plz do let me know!

it's ok, but most experts appreciate the chance to earn a good grade!  

have those links helped you at all, or is more needed?

jilimAuthor Commented:

yeah the links really help me a lot!....
thanx your ur expertise.
But really sorry about the grading stuff! I really appreciate your ideas..


No Problem Jilim, good luck with it.  :-)
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