Help with default keyboard, mouse, language settings...??

I am trying to find a way of storing default system locales for mouse, keyboard and so on for a. ) RIS'd systems and b. ) profiles for users.

When we RIS a system I can do this in the sif file?? I think for the RIS image but I would like to be able to create new user profiles with these settings too.

Any enlightenment on this would be most appreciated.
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Mouse & keyboard are fine enough as-is, IMO, for groups of Windoze users. (although I have personal preferences myself, such as improved mouse speed, that's not in the question. Similar for left vs right handed).

Doing this for unix or for multi-lingual, multinational is different, I am not sure whether there is a single solution for you to, say, support a single user in each member country of United Nations. For even Microsoft missteps in each new update or upgrade.
The greater problem, IMO is video. The more diverse a group, the more diverse the video access and the more the headaches for the admins.
I would check the MS site fo r a guide to installing multiple languges/ regions using RIS.

You will need to have the correct drivers available in the image and installed.
You may not be able to make a change in the profile until you can guarantee that the correct driver files are available !!

I hope this helps !
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Right, the default settings are done in the .sif file:


If necessary, you can set different settings for individual users/ggroups/OUs usinf Group Policy.
j1mlondonAuthor Commented:
Do you have a full listing of the settings or can you point me to a URL where they are. I have searched for them ALL but have not managed to find anything with ALL country codes and so on.

We have not changed the default settings and every time we RIS an image it has US keyboard and so forth.
I shall try to do this by OU also though.

Please let me know if you have the full list of possible settings and so forth. The video side of this is not a big problem but the keyboard is more important.
I also am trying to make some ADS wide internet explorer settings so that cookies are limited to 1k and the history is the same 1k...can this be done in the ADS ou structure???
I found very good information on:
You'll find additional links here

I'm not sure, if there are registry settings to restrict the amount of cookies or history entries (after a short check I don't believe this - there are settings for cookie handling and days of history), but if there are, it's possible to set them with group policies - you may have to create your own templates. Check to search for cookies and history - if there are some appropriate registry hacks, you can create an associate GP-template. That's true for nearly every registry key or value.
Search for policy template - you'll get plenty of informations.
j1mlondonAuthor Commented:
This all helpfull but still I am getting US keyboards...does anyone know of a way to set the actual keyboard to UK in the ADS containers????
j1mlondonAuthor Commented:
Either by registry setting or in the ADS users and computers???? Its too time consuming to do a manual config everytime a new user is created. I also have to change the mouse settings too to not show mouse ( shadow on mouse effects )...
I have browsed through Group Policy Editor and didn't find an appropriate preconfigured policy.
You can either create your own template or you can remotely (manually or scripted) change these registry keys:

HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Keyboard Layout\Preload
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Keyboard Layout\Preload

Value 1 = 0000809 (English UK)
Value 2 = 0000409 (English US - if you want user to be able to switch between keyboard layouts, you also can omit this value).
You have to replace the names with the appropriate code pages.
On my computer these values are:
1   0000407 (= German)
2   0000409


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I think for mass deployment, to enable functions like RIS it is essential to realize you want to make it easier to support. So you pick a 'standard' for the PC. build it like you like it to work, forever, and go with that for any copies, replications, clonings, other commonalities for OS and applications. Addressing config issues later is not a good thing, from support perspective.
j1mlondonAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Along the right lines at least as this is pretty much what I have added to my sif file for the RIS images.
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