Warp4 won't format Large Partition - after Installing idedasd.exe drivers

I'm not new to computers, but I am new to OS2.  We have a voice mail system that runs on an OS2 Warp4 based computer.  The Hardware needs upgrading and I have run into problems. I am installing to a 20GB hard drive (the smallest I could new one I could find).   I finally got OS2 to load (had to do it on a 504mb partition).  Even though I had loaded the updated drivers from the idedasd.exe file.  But I still cannot get the extended partition to format.  Fdisk will partition it but format says that it is too big or the starting cylinder is > 1024.    Fdisk gives very few options on the partition.
 From my reading, this problem is supposed to be solved with the driver update above.  I have not installed any FixPacks as I am not really sure what exactly to install.  I have seen (in tech documents) references to files named `fp35' or `fp9' but I cannot seem to locate these file names on the IBM site.  I have downloaded some named `cs_142' and `cs_144' but they seem to be some kind of installation programs and not FixPacks.  I am warry of installing something when I don't know what it is.  The computer now has just finished the OS load & config and the GUI is running. C: drive is 504mb and is where the system is installed.    D: Drive is partitioned to 19gb and some change but cannot be formatted.
Any Ideas?    Thanks,

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cesar44Connect With a Mentor Commented:

The last free fixpack for OS/2 Warp is FP15 and you may download it from "ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/ps/products/os2/fixes/v4warp/english-us/xr_m015".
After that, you must purchase a IBM Software Choice subscription from IBM.
The Corrective Service Facility (CSF) Utility (service level 1.44) is available from "ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/ps/products/os2/fixtool/english-us/".
You should also read thouroughly the "Readme for Corrective Service Facility 2-B Version 1.44" (ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/ps/products/os2/fixtool/english-us/cs_144.txt), specially the section 4, and the "Installation instructions for Warp 4 FixPak XR_M015
" (ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/ps/products/os2/fixes/v4warp/english-us/xr_m015/readme.1st) because it will help you bulding the diskettes and applying this fixpack successfully.

dosdetAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the time getting back.  I have been working on this project and I am still not able to get past origional partition problem.  Your 1st link didn't work but by backing up on the URL, I was able to find the FixPack.  It did not, however, allow the rest of the drive to be recognized.
 I am trying to start a fresh install on a new harddrive.  Everything I read in the instruction files seem to assume that my OS/2 is allready installed on a 4gb (sometimes larger) partition and they tell how to install FixPacks, etc. from that point. Sometimes even from a DOS prompt, but they don't go into how to get the larger partition to be recognized.
 I did get it to partition and install on a 504mb partition, as I stated earlier, but could not get any recognition of the rest of the drive.  I need more space that 504mb - minus what the OS consumes.   I would like to utilize at least a 4gb partition.  It could even be a 2nd partition.   Help!
dosdetAuthor Commented:
I finally got the problem fixed.  The answer came from a friend from ages past who happen to email me from the out of the blue.  The answer was to do whatever configuring I had to - to get OS/2 to see the drive.  Then I could load the OS onto the 500 mb partition.  After that I load all fix packs & updated drivers, then use Partition Magic to expand the partition to the desired size.
Cesar44, since you were the only one who even tried to answer, I feel you deserve the points.  

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