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I have this huge table on my page.  The table must have around 20 rows and 15 columns.  

The problem that I am having is, for some weird reason, the table doesn't show up like it is supposed to, which is at the top of the page.  It shoes up in the middle of the page, with a huge blank space at the top.  

Am I doing anything wrong?  I don't have any break lines or anything before the table, it just shows up half way through the page.

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pagemastahConnect With a Mentor Commented:
please try these solutions:

inside your <table> tag, insert a top value for the align property. for example, if your table tag is like this:

<table border="0" cellpadding="5">

then change it to:

<table border="0" cellpadding="5" align="top">

or, if your table tag already has an align property, be sure to change it to "top".

do solution 1. since you don't have <br>s above as you've said, remove <p> above your table. this always happens if you're using HTML generators.

hope that helps! :)
Well could depend on various reasons ..

Can you copy and paste the code ?


It's hard to tell what might be going on from your description. Could you post the HTML (even in abbreviated form) or direct us to a link where we could view the code on-line? Also, which browser(s) are you using to view the code? And, finally, have you used any HTML evaluation tools to ensure such things are an appropriate number of close tags? Strange things can happen in some browsers when tables, divs, or other structural elements aren't closed appropriately.

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Yes, we will need the code or a lilnk, and what browser are you looking at it with.  One final consideration.  Was it hand coded or generated by script or a development tool.

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