NVIDIA TNT 32MG Graphics card problems

I have a high spec. computer system (no longer under warrenty), with the above graphics card running on Windows ME, with a flat screen moitor. I have had no problems, until yesterday, when I upgraded the drivers for the graphics card and now have the following problem.

When the computer boots up, I get the DOS load up window as normal (and can still go into the BIOS),then the ME splash window, then back to the DOS load up window. My screen then stays on this and wont go any further, but I can HEAR windows loading up in the background as normal, but cant see it.

I have tried booting up with a floppy to reinstall Windows, and booting up in safe mode. But for both of these, my keyboard and mouse wont work (both logitech cordless), so they are useless to me.I have also tried resetting the BIOS to optimum defaults, but this dosnt work either.

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WakeupConnect With a Mentor Specialist 1Commented:

I think that doing a full restore may have caused your issues.  If you think about it...You reinstalled ME, and then the drivers for your hardware.  So obviously Windows ME was working.  Untill after you restored your previous system, then did you have the issues?  If you can install WinME, then your bios settings should be fine.  And if it came up to install drivers and the software for your tape backup.  Then it has to be something that you installed or restored from or after the backup.

WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:

What you may need to try is a spare keyboard.  Try using a keyboard that doesnt need drivers and is not USB.  PS/2 plain jane keyboard.  Secondly.  when you boot into Safemode can you see your screen?  even though keyboard and mouse do not work?
If so, either your settings for your video card are outta spec, or your drivers are incorrect or not properly installed.
can you borrow a standard mouse or do you have an old one??
Just so you can use safe mode.

You need to change your display adapter to standard vga soyou can get windows to load. Once there you can change you adapter back to your oringinal tnt drivers.

Since everything was fine till the upgrade it is easy to see that the new drivers are most likely the problem.

Worse case you can buy a ps2 or serial mouse for less the 10 dollars US.
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shazbatAuthor Commented:
Thanks Wakeup and Sorgie. I have already put a spare keyboard and mouse in my car, from work. I hope to try them out over the weekend.

Yes, i can see the Safe Mode screen, and hopefully I will be able to access Device Manager with the borrowed keyboard and mouse. I will let you know what happens.

I still would be very interested to know the technical reasons, as to why I can only see DOS on the screen, when windows loads in the background!
If all else fails and you can get into Safe Mode you might consider doing a System Restore.

Description of the System Restore Utility in Windows Millennium Edition

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Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
The newer "Detonator XP" drivers may be pushing the card to run at a higher refresh rate than the LCD will accept (usually its capped at 60Hz, I'm not quite sure what happens if you try to set it past this).

Are there any "Automatic" configuration options for the LCD screen on the front of the display, i.e. this may allow it to sync at a different refresh rate?

shazbatAuthor Commented:
I have tried the Automatic configeration on the LCD, but it dosnt help. I will get back to you all at the weekend IF I get my home computer working :)
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Shaz, since you can see the system in safemode, you should be able to change the settings in safemode no prob. Just take the resolution and refresh rate down to minimal.  And see how that works out.
shazbatAuthor Commented:
I have spent the entire weekend trying to fix my computer problem - and I'm still no better off!! Here's a summary of what I have done, and where I'm up to - PLEASE HELP!

I borrowed a mouse and keyboard from work, which enabled me to work in BIOS and DOS mode. I was unable to see the windows screen in normal OR Safe mode, as stated origionally.

I messed around with the BIOS, but nothing helped, so I decided to format the drive and reinstall my whole computer from Colerado backup tapes.

I reinstalled Windows ME and all of the drivers I had, then spent ages tring to get my Colerado to restore the tapes. I eventually managed to get a full restore last night,(including the registry and driver base).

But when i booted up, although it went all the way through to the Blue windows screen this time, the screen was just all blue with a mouse curser on it! When I pressed Ctrl/Alt/Del the box showed nothing running in it! I tried again in safe mode, and the screen was exactly the same, just with the words 'safe mode' in each corner.

I dont think my BIOS is how it used to be either....HELP!
shazbatAuthor Commented:
P.S. Can anyone email me a Windows ME startup disk please. shazbat@shazbat69.freeserve.co.uk
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:

has a variety of bootdisks available.  Try that site.  
I am not sure about the problems you are having. You said you reinstalled from tape backups. After having fresh installed Win ME?

What did you restore?  It is a possibility that something you restored back has messed up the settings for winMe.  My suggestion is to do the fresh install of winMe, and if it is possible, to do a selective restore.  In other words restore your data, documents and texts pictures or whatever.  And reinstall your programs like MS Office or whatever.  Not restore them from backup if at all possible.  

shazbatAuthor Commented:
I reinstalled ME, then the drivers that I had for my attached hardware, then my tape backups. My tape backups were a full backup of the whole computer, including the registry and driver base. This was backed up a few days before I had any problems. I needed to do a full restore, as I dont have all of the drivers and wanted my computer back to where it was before the problems. This is the whole point of doing a full system backup and restore.

Is there anything I can check in the BIOS or in DOS, such as configuration or system files, to solve the problem?
shazbatAuthor Commented:
Thanks Wakeup, you have really tried to help, so i have allocated you points. I have actually solved it myself by restoring the windows registry, and everything seems fine now. Shaz.
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Great...glad you got it working.
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