The same CID after "Ghost"

I have 2 Win2000 Servers. One was a clean intall, the other is the ghosted image of the first. One machine is running IIS 5, and the other SQL Server 2000. The machines have the same CID.

Initial research indicates that since the machines have the same CID this is the reason that DTC always fails between the two machines.

Can anyone verify that this is the case, and is there an easy fix, or should I do a clean install on the second machine instead of using the Ghost? ...and if I may ask a follow-up question...Is there imaging software that assigns new CIDs during the ghosting process?
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jmiller47Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It would be a good idea to paste the link to the article also....;EN-US;q266149&
Please use the Microsoft sysprep software before you create a ghost image.

Download sysprep utility from Microsoft.
Create diretory c:\sysprep
Copy sysprep.exe and sysprep.inf to this directory.

Example sysprep.inf


; e.g. 0409, English (United States)
;    LanguageGroup=1
;    SystemLocale=0409
;    UserLocale=0409
;    InputLocale=0409:00000409



Run c:\sysprep\sysprep.exe from a command prompt.
Shutdown the PC.
Create a ghost image.
ppastorAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response Hendrik.

Do you know if this is indeed the reason that the DTC is failing between the two machines?
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Well if it is the SID (Security Identifier) you are talking about and not the CID, and you Ghost image did not use Sysprep, then this is precisely what happened.

You can use the instructions above or use Ghostwalker to change the SID.

hendrik999, Is Ghostwalker still available in Ghost? I haven't uesd it in a while... Maybe you know.
ppastorAuthor Commented:
For jmiller...

I was using the DTCPing tool and it stated that the CID for both machines was the same, and that although the ping works, the DTC would fail.
I'm not sure. That may be something different altogether. I'll look around for inforamtion on that...
Ghostwalker is still a part of Ghost.
In looking at the following article, I have come to the conclusion that the CID and the SID are one in the same. I have no idea why they call it a CID sometimes, but it seems they are the same thing....

I suggest using Sysprep or Ghostwalker in your situation.
ppastorAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help.

I created another ghost after running sysprep, reinstalled SQL Server, and like magic...everything started working the way it's supposed to!

ppastor, I am happy that everything worked but since Sysprep did the trick, I really can't take credit for it and take the points. Hendrik999 really deserves them...
ppastorAuthor Commented:
OK, I'm a newbie what do I do? Initially I wanted to share them between you, but that did not seem to be an option.
Maybe someone else can help. I think you would normally lower the points, then post another question with the additional points with a subject like "points for jmiller47" then that person can accept the additional points.

Since you already accepted, I would go to community Support and ask them to fix for you. Post a 0 point question there. They will fix right away.
Thanks for your fairness jmiller47.
Thanks to both for the proffesionalism to handle in such a mannor.

hendrik999 I have left our points in Question Number

jmiller47, we avoid removing points from Experts even if mis-awarded, as long as we have the intended Expert here and is posted.  It is one of our rules, and only in certian circumstances.  This question contains that crieteria, and the award will come from EE rather than the User.

Cheers all,

Community Support Administrator  
Just wanted to point something out here for future reference.  I ran into a similar problem and happened upon this forum via Google.  After having done considerable follow-up research on this, I've come to the conclusion that the CID and SID are, in fact, *not* one and the same as posted by jmiller47 earlier.  The CID is (apparently) an identifier used by the distributed transaction coordinator.  I cannot find this documented anywhere.  Cloning the machine also clones this CID which is bad since doing so causes problems for DTC based apps.  Changing the *SID* does not correct the problem because it does not change the CID.  

The solution is (as noted above) to use sysprep prior to cloning.  The reason this works though is because this causes a new CID to be generated as well as a new SID.  

Hopefully this information helps someone else down the line.
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