Need linux network bootdisk..

I'm actually trying to install Windows Servers from a fileserver, and need a way to:

1. Boot from a diskette.
2. Delete all partitions (if any exists)
3. Create a C: partition (8-10 gigs or so) formated as FAT or FAT32
4. Connect through ftp to a fileserver and download some driectories containing the Windows files I need and
5. Reboot and start a .bat file that will start the installation of Windows

I imagine all of this is possible under Linux (at least the first 4., I'm not sure how I could make it reboot and execute the .bat file under Linux.... )

Any ideas, comments are welcome..

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This can also be done with a normal boot diskette and mapping a network drive in DOS.

Have you tried Norton Ghost?


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roglanAuthor Commented:
think I've taken care of all old q's now...
roglanAuthor Commented:
Please delete this question, I've since found an alternate approach eslewhere. Thanks!
roglanAuthor Commented:
I've found a solution to this problem under MS-DOS:
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