i need suggestion of this ...

i using flex grid as output for my record...the problem is i have 100,000 records and having problem to load the record with long time...

how to i can make my record retrieve faster...

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mdouganConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you set your recordset to be a "server-side" cursor, (cursorlocation = adUseServer), then you can fill only the first hundred or so items into the grid from the recordset pretty quickly.  As the user scrolls down, you can check in either the rowcolchange event or some other event to see what the toprow of the grid is.  If you are near to the total number of rows for the grid, you can then populate another 100 rows into the grid from the recordset.

I'm not crazy about this type of design, and it supposes that the user is going to be looking at the 100,000 rows more or less in order, and not wanting to jump down to close to the bottom of the recordset right away, but, it does work.  Personally, I agree with emoreau, rethink your design and ask the user to set a smaller scope of the records to be displayed.

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But in either case, try to stay positive!

i think you can put filters for your record retrieval for e.g.
if you have a table called as Invoice, then get only those invoice related records which are for the current/lastest year/month. then you can filter it based on the Customer then months & so on & so forth.

I know filling the comboboxes for filters would take time but this is a good solution in terms that always you would be having only a particular set of records always.
I liked this option & am using it in all the programs which i am making. In a way the user also gets an option of applying some basic filter or searching for a set of records.

no idea how to retrieve faster if really have to list out all those records.  But, you can add 'DoEvents' statement in loop for adding records to flexGrid so that your program will not stop responding.

hope this can help you. good luck.
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Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
I have never seen the need of retreiving 100,000 records into a single grid in one shot. Let the user specify some criteria to limit the number of records. You can also (if your database accepts it) use the TOP statement in your query:

SELECT TOP 150 * FROM TableA ...
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
I suppose it is kind of pointless to remind you to maintain your many open questions:

crsytal report connection Date: 06/16/2002 06:38AM PST
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SQL Command Date: 06/24/2001 08:51PM PST
Register crystl32.ocx Date: 06/27/2002 09:58PM PST
Text compare Date: 05/13/2002 02:14AM PST
Application Control Date: 01/17/2002 06:51PM PST
Sort Data Date: 08/06/2001 02:10AM PST

If you sure that the user may want to see all the 100,000 records, then maybe you can try to use the the recordSet's PageSize,AbsolutePage,PageCount to retreive your set of records.

This will work similarly to the search in differnet web site, eg: as in google, meaning you can here retreive 100(or whatever the pageSize you have mentioned) records at a time, and then at the click of a command button retreive the next 100 records and so on.

See the explaination of these in the msdn library.

Hope this gives you some idea!

Anthony PerkinsCommented:

Thanks for the vote of confidence.

>> But in either case, try to stay positive!<<
You make a good point.

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     >> But in either case, try to stay positive!<<
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