photo Album

I want a software that i can creat vcd from photo Album.
(like slide show).
I use many program but all of them has some mistake.
do you tell me which program i can use.
Thank you.
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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
VCDs are just movies...on a CD. So if you take something like QuickTime Pro, import a folder of images, export it as a Toast VCD file with a low framerate, and burn it, youll have a VCD of photos.
zombeenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
or can use something like the roxio esay cd reator , in which u can simply drag your jpegs & bmps , adjust their timing etc , and burn it in vcd format

very easy
Adobe Premier can do a slideshow, just put all the pictures in the timeline.

Nero Burning Rom also has the feature to display photos as is on a VCD Player.
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Quarz, read the guidelines before posting comments and answers. And why use a very expensive video editor when a $25 one that's already been mentioned will do?
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i think u shd make up ur mind saeed and clsoe the q.

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