Resize multiple images in GIMP

I work at an elementary school and, among other things, it is my job to put pictures on the schools website. Before I can do this I usualy need to scale the images to a reasonable size for the web. For each image I want to resize I have to:

Click on file
Select Open
Select the image
Click OK
Right-click the image
Select Image
Select Scale Image
Enter new width and height
Click OK
Close the image

This isn't a problem with only a few images but tends to get tedious when doing many  pictures at once.

Is there some script or plugin that can resize many images at once? If not, is there someone out there willing to write one for me?
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I think this might answer your question ?

You can use the mogrify command (part of ImageMagik):

 mogrify -geometry 120x100 *.jpg

will resize the images to 120 by 100 while keeping the aspect ratio.
If you have some images smaller than your thumbnail size, and don't want them to be made larger:

 mogrify -geometry 120x100> *.jpg

would resize a 640x480 but not a 100x100.

Mogrify changes the files you're working on!  What I do is cp all the files I want to resize to filenames like "origpic_t.jpg" and then use "*_t.jpg" with the mogrify command.  You can write a little script that uses 'basename' and a few other goodies, it really simplifies it.

Also some good links for you to look at which might help..


** Also you can find more information on ImageMagick here

ImageMagick is a collection of programs to display, manipulate and convert images from one format to another. It can handle many different image formats, including PostScript, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PICT,and SGI's rgb. The following table briefly describes each ImageMagick program. For more information, see the man page for ImageMagick ( man imagemagick) or the man page for the specific program (e.g. man display).

Version: 5.2.9
Labs: IBM SP, Scientific Development and Visualization Lab, Medicinal Chemistry/Supercomputing Institute Visualization-Workstation Laboratory, Basic Sciences Computing Lab
System(s): all SGI workstations
Categories: Image Display, Image Processing,Animation


Any reason youre using GIMP instead of Photoshop?
TheophilusAuthor Commented:
There are a couple of reasons. Of course, if you can tell me where I can get Photoshop for Linux for free ....
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Doesnt exist. Maybe someone else will know how to do it with GIMP but most here are Photoshoppies.
Yep, I would also be using something like  ImageMagik or netPBM modules or PHP functions for this...
i had the same problem.  i use a perl script called album, available at:

it will make html pages to show all your images.  but it also has an option to resize the pix.  and you can just start it up and let it run on entire directories of images.

cd to the directory w/ the images -medium 640x480

and it will resize all your images to 640 by 480.
TheophilusAuthor Commented:
Sorry its taken me so long to reply.

Mogrify does just what I was trying to do. I don't even have to install it. It was already there without me knowing about it.

Thank you.
No problem .. Thanks,

T :->
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