exchange 2000 internal email

I know this is a beginner question, but lets pretend that I have an exchange 2k box with a 100 users.  Is there away to have 75 users have internal email but not able to send outside the exchange organization? Having the other 25 people able to send email anywhere on the net...?  is it possible?
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DrDickieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can set who can use the SMTP connector on the Delivery Restrictions tab.
You can delete the SMTP Address for the user.  If they do not have an address they can not send to the internet.  Do not delete the x500.
Mmmm, are you thinking Exchange 5.5 there Egnew?
Exchange2000 sends mail via SMTP, you don't want to involve MTA unnecessarily. Exchange 2000 has smtp and x400 addresses visible.
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