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Posted on 2002-07-29
Last Modified: 2010-04-20
I just installed Slackware on my laptop, and so far I love it.  The only thing I need now, is a more robust Office Suite of applications.  Kmail doesn't work right (bug), and Netscape email is pretty basic.  Kword is ok, but again, pretty basic.

What products are out there for Linux, that compete with MS Office?  I thought Corel had something, but I went to their site and all I see is Windows apps.  Star Office is a possibility, but it has no email client.

Any advice and links would be great.
Question by:AsenathWaite
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this is the best free:

and similar (but not free and not that good):
staroffice 6.0

Author Comment

ID: 7188225

I downloaded Open Office, but am having problems unpacking it (yes, I am a newbee).  According to the instructions, I am suppossed to make a tmp directory (done) and then issue the command

tar -zxvf [tarball name]

the tarball name is 00o_1.0.1_LinuxIntel_install.tar.gz

so I typed

tar -zxvf 00o_1.0.1_LinuxIntel_install.tar.gz

but I get "no suh file or directory".  What am I doing wrong?


Expert Comment

ID: 7188566
if you like, here's my email:

if we find a solution, we can post it on experts-exchange again!

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How very inapropriate of you witty, to take this off to email.

AsenathWaite, you probably typed the filename wrong.
If you use bash (or ksh, or tcsh ...) you could use the filename completion feature of that shell. Write something like:

tar xvzf <tab><tab>

at the prompt, and the shell will try to "complete" the filename for you (the first <tab> key-press). if (when:-) it fails, and you press <tab> a second time, it will present you the possible completions.
Now, just type the beginning of the filename, press <tab> ... and it should fill in the complete filename.

Oh, I see what's wrong. You typed 00o_1.0.1_LinuxIntel_install.tar.gz (with zeros at the beginning), but it should be OOo... (with capital letter O).

I find OpenOffice rather good, but if you're looking for compatibility with M$, you'll probably be less than enthused.
You might have a look at AbiWord too (
There are a very wide variety of email clients ... anything from textbased (mail, pine, mutt, elm) to rather elaborate things like evolution, mozilla, balsa etc etc

Corel has discontinued the linux support for WordPerfect.

-- Glenn

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ID: 7191863
sorry; but the question was to find a good office - then I wanted to help with installation-problems - that was NOT the question!

if you want to have M$-compatibility, then I recommend crossover-office
you can install office 97/2000 on linux (it is not free - I'm using it since 2 months - even internetexplorer works fine!)!!!

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Expert Comment

ID: 7192716
You're right about the M$-compat thing witty.

Also true that the "question branched to email" was a tangent.
But I beg to differ with the opinion that it would somehow be OK to take that away from EE, when there was (plainly) no need to exchange information that (due to bulk or content) wouldn't be easily sent via EE.

Well, no matter, your (accepted) answer was correct, and AsenathWaite has acknowledged that. As you can see, I spent 1 line on "rebuking" (:-) you, and the rest to try help with the tangent question, followed by a quick stab at answering the main questions (stated and implied), without trying to "coop" your answer (a practice I find even more offensive than going off to email).

-- Glenn

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