Service can't print while not logged in

When I have my VB app running as a service and attemt to print to one of the printers I get the error

Unable to set selected printer (\\Server\Printer) as active printer when I try to set the active printer

Print Error 482 when I try to print regardless (as you do)

which is probably no active printer (surprise surprise)

Yes, I'm not logged in the service executes under a service account.

I can see the network drives not logged in (using unc's) but the printers disapear.
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mcoopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You may need to create a temprary 'share' to the desired printer - although I know how to connect to shares in code - I don't know how to get to the printers...
Yes if you are not logged in, you will not be able to print on network printer as you will not have access to them. if you want you can avoid the error by checking the currently logged in user name in your code.
innovateAuthor Commented:
Services such as BackupExec are able to print to network printers when the Server is not logged in so it is possible.

The Service executes with Admin rights and can see ALL network drive shares, it MUST be able to see the printers.
Can you run your service as specific user by setting your service properties
innovateAuthor Commented:

As mentioned the service executes under a particular account which has Admin rights.
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