Two soundcards , RedHat7.3

have intel810 motherboard with on board soundcard recetly i added the new sound card(Creative) in my system but Linux is not detecting it

still the sound outpur is soming thorughthe onbard device.

but the creative one is working fine with windows( i ahev dual boot machine)  .

i reinstalled my redhat (thought may be in installaiton it will detect and ask me whihc one i want to use ) but still the same hting :o(

now how can i sleect from whihc soundcard i want the output..

thanks in advance...

any fast help will be appericated...

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Of course te simple solution is to disable the on-board sound in the system BIOS. Have you tried that?
lokeshvAuthor Commented:
yes i have ,

and thats not working , thats why i posted here..

any other soln ?

With the Creative card out of the machine and the onboard audio disabled kudzu should notice that the onboard device is no longer present and offer to remove it from the configuration. If that doesn't happen, double check to make sure that the onboard audio is marked as disabled in the system BIOS. One very common mistake to make is to change a BIOS setting and forget to save the new configuration.

Once kudzu has removed the old device, re-insert the Creative card and kudzu should detect it at the next boot.

Another thing to check is to make sure that the Creative card is being detected. Check /proc/pci to see it the device is listed. If it is you should be able to run sndconfig from a console window and configure it.
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