Urgent - What Files are needed for Common Dialog Box??

what files are needed to run a VB program that has a common dialog box? I want to distribute a program to my friend but he keeps getting a runtime error that is something like (comdlg32.ocx 1 or more of its componenets in not registered properly). I know you need comdlg32.ocx, what are the others? the user does not have VB installed.
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RLCornishConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If YOU have Visual Studio on your machine, you can run the Dependency Walker  - Start -> Visual Studio -> Visual Studio 6 Tools.

If you select COMDLG32.OCX, you get the following:
  *  COMDLG32.DLL  (the most important one - this is
     where all the logic is)
  *  kernel, user, ole32, advapi32, oleaut32, gdi32
    (these should all already be there)

  *  of course, as the other oster stated, you need
     the VB runtime (msvbvm50.dll or msvbvm60.dll)

You can look in msdn.microsoft.com/support/ -> "DLL Help" to determine the versions required (always deploy as a matched set).

Hope this helps,
Did you try to create a setup/install application using the Package & Deployment wizard that comes bundled with vis studio. Just select the vbp and follow the prompts, all necessary files and dependancies are included in the setup.exe file for installing your app.

Have a look its very straight-forward.  

Mr_ColemanAuthor Commented:
i just need to send my friend the files that are used by the common diaglog control. anyone know what they are?
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You go to project->Component.
find Microsoft Common Dialog Control 6.0
select it.. then you can see the file name for dialog control.

it is in c:\windows\system\comdlg32.ocx

hope this can help you. good luck. ^_^
why just the common dialog control files - what can he do with it if he doesnt have vb installed?
why just the common dialog control files - what can he do with it if he doesnt have vb installed?
I think eamonk has the answer, it's unlikely that your file isn't working because he has n't got the .ocx's, rather that they are n't registered on his PC.
You are going to need more than just the comdlg32.ocx
You will need the vb runtime files, easier to just use the P&D wizard as was suggested
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
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