How can I display special characters in VB controls ?

BarryTang used Ask the Experts™
I would like to display some special characters
( e.g. °(ascii 176), ± (ascii 177)) in a VB form ( or other VB controls ).

How can I do it by program ?

Thank you

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Try use Chr and Asc function in VB.


Hi BarryTang,

You can use Chr function which returns a string corresponding to character code.

Hope this helps
Yes it can be done find a font that displays all the special characters and then set the label or textbox to that font then user character function chr() and others to display it...
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Hello, everybody :

Thanks for response,
but I still cannot display my result.

I use the following code that try to display
the character : ± ( for font : Arial )

    Text1.Font = "Arial"
    Text1.Text = Chr(177)

    Label1.Font = "Arial"
    Label1.Caption = Chr(177)

Please advice


I don't know what you mean it CANNOT WORK.

I just put in your exact code and it seems to work fine.

Yes ventond is correct it works at my place too...
try refreshing the controls after assigning the values...


CANNOT WORK mean cannot see anything in the label or textbox

If I input as follows

    Label1.Font = "Arial"
    Label1.Caption = Chr(65) & Chr(67)

the result on the label is "AC", it is OK

But if I change the caption to

       Label1.Caption = Chr(177)

it cannot see anything

  or   Label1.Caption = Chr(65) & Chr(177) & Chr(67)

it just display "A"

I still don't the reason.
Is the working environment related ?
( I am using VB6(SP3) on Windows 98 Chinese Version )

Ryan ChongSoftware Team Lead

Try ChrW() function ?


I try the chrw() function and find that it can display
some of the character correctly like chr(177) as ±

However, some displayed character is totally different
from the ascii table
   like chr(169) should be ©
   but VB display just a letter c and missing the circle ??

other examples are chr(129),chr(130),chr(131),....

Can you solve it or give me some explaination for this ?

Thank you

You say that you are on the chinese version, what does your character map say value 177 for font Arial looks like?
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