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Who can tell me what this file-extensions mean?

I have to make changings in programs we licensed.
The program has image files with a .pi extension and text files with .ti and .ts extensions.
We need to know with which program you can edit those files.
Basically an easy questions but a lot of points because it's very important to have this answer a.s.a.p.
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it would be hard to recommend any editor without knowledge of the program you use.

but you can anything edit with a hex-editor
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Hi Kretzschmar,

Off course you can edit everything with a hex-editor but this won't work with various textfiles with filesizes up to 5 MB. Besides that hex-editors won't work for changings in graphic files :-)
I had to be more specific in my question:
I need to know with which programs the files with those extensions can be created to buy those programs to edit them.

you can do a recherche at
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I tried that one already for myself yesterday
The file extension .PI is related to something called 'Blazing paddles'...

Anyways, u can download a free image viewer called XNView at :

The .ts file is a 'Tune Smithy' file...
to see more...

Finally, the .Ti file is from Texas Instruments, but since they make so much technical equipment, and im not sure of the context, it may be better for u to search there web site...

I hope these are related to the context u are working im, since there is a definite overlap in file extensions out there...
more a guess, than an answer, or?
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Sounds good. Give me some days to test it and see if I can donate my points to you

Your answer was absolutely a guess
not more than Excalubur81's answer
(btw. i never did answer this q)

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You're (possibly) right and wrong kretzschmar
Right if you think that excalubur81 used a same kind of source as you proposed
Wrong in that case that the site you suggested don't say which programs you need for those extensions

just to guess alternatives about the .ts fileformat

but, maybe they are just the initials of the developers

why i say that i and also Excalibur81 do only did a guess,
relies on the question you ask, no infos there except three suffixes, nothing what your program is doing, nor which comapny it has developed.

so, i and also Excalibur81 are digging in the dark for a light

just my two cents

meikl ;-)

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Hi Kretzschmar,

The problem is that we bought programs for an Australian publisher which has to be changed for that market.
The guys who sold it to us should had delivered the files in .jpg or .gif format, texts should have been in word format and the database in access. We should have use this to build a new application. Instead of this they delivered the program as is. We contacted them about this but they were in bankrupty a week after they delivered the stuff and not reachable any more.
So we're really on a dead treat at the moment and only have the extensions to find out with which programs/tools it is produced.

Your trolltech reference can be a good one!
We will investigate this one because there's a chance this was the development tool.
I need some days to check this
thats a hard story,
sorry about your trouble

about the pi-graficformat,
which is unknown (to me),
look for a viewer, which recognizes the
grafic-format on the header-information
rather than on the suffix. don't know if
XNView does this (will do a test).

anyway good luck, hard job

meikl ;-)
I have actually done a bit of work with TI extensions, as i've done a bit of work interfacing my Texas instrements graphics calculator with my computer, so its not entirley a stab in the dark...

but i see that its probably not the right context....

maybe the XNView thing will be a little more help..

kretzschmar is right about one (or more...!) things, the extensions could be completely arbitrary, and just the initals of the developers, in which case your best bet would be to look at the headers of the files, using a hex editor....

Most files (as im sure u already know) have some sort of identity header, so programs can detect if the file is the right format...

i.e. java class files have CAFEBABE as the first 32bits
exe have 4D5A as there first 16bits, so this may be some help...

Post the first 32 bits of each file in hex, and we may be able to help you search for the format....
Hi Mr.Rraikin,

Can u send one sample file to my id.

My Id is
search on internet for(resource haker)this program will solve ur proplem
resource haker is a program and it is easy to use
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All proposed solutions don't work.
I will end this question and make a new one with also hex-info
Thanks for your help

well, ok
We will leave this open for a while to allow all experts to respond.  After that, I will handle the question

E-E Admin
did u finde this program (if not tell me to tell where u can finde it)
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Didn't found it RamboEvil
Dear questionner/expert(s)

No comment has been added lately, so it's time to clean up this TA.
I'll leave a recommendation in the Cleanup topic area that this question is to be:

- PAQ'd and pts refunded

Please leave any comments here within the next seven days.



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