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   I have a table call friend, which has three columns:
name, phone, and email; exzmple of one row (entry)

Joe 411-1111

If the the user wants to update Joe, is there a way
the jsp can display back the name plus the other two
entries in the table (phone and email)?  This way the
user has the option of seeing the info before making
the change.

eg. If the user click on update John, he should see this on the browser:

name:  John
phone: 411-1111

then he can go into any field and make necessary change,
then submit the change, the change should update the friend table with new change.

thanks in advance
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Mick BarryJava Developer
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Yes you can do that.
Just extract the details from the database and present them to the user.
Then have an update servlet which updates the database according to values suuplied by user.


can this be done on jsp, not servlet?

Java Developer
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Can be done with either.

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