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I am trying to figure out a problem in outlook. I can get to my Contacts folder manually. However when I compose a new message and clik on address book the box is empty. I just recently imported the contacts list from a back up on  a floppy. Since then I have not been able to access the contacts when sending mail.
I dont know if this has anything to do with it. I used to get a message that outlook could not find the Archive Folder. Now when I look in the drop down box in Outlook it has 4 seperate folders all containing duplicate archive folders. Sorry this problem is so long winded.

Thx in advance of any help
Martin C Duffy, MCP, A+
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Show the folder list
Right click on the Contacts folder and choose Properties
Click on the Outlook Address Book tab
Check the box to "Show this folder as an email Address Book"

If that doesn't fix it, what version of Outlook are you using?  If it is 98 or 2000, is it in Corporate/Workgroup mode or Internet Mail Only mode?  (check help->about if not sure)
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