Increase paste buffer in MS-DOS terminal

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I want to paste a whole bunch of words into the MS-DOS terminal from my text editor. I copy from the editor and press the little paste icon. However, it only pastes just under 3 lines of text hen stops. There are many more words it hasnt pasted !

Is there a way I can increase the number of characters that can be input to the command line of an MS-DOS terminal window ?
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What OS are you running?  This works fine in a DOS window of W2K for me and XP.


the max characters that u can type at the dos prompt is 127 characters.

in case u want to use more words, try breaking the command into simpler parts and include the same in a batch file

i think this will help

Unfortunatly I do not have a W98 box.  Have you tried increasing the buffer size for the dos box?
My last post must have been at the same time as shuvro.  I do agree with him there is a max size and I do think he is right that its 127 characters.

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