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Is there a way to add the current date to a PDF file each time the file is retrieved?

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a) Is this a question concerning Microsoft files?
: - (

b) Is this a question on Adobe files?
: - )
One approach is to say no. To add/insert into file is not done economically.

c) For appending, there are tricks. IMO not worth the time. But sometimes things like akin to CRC functionality can have use. So OK, there is.

d) Is this a question on PC filesystem? Then answer is no/no.

d1) If you want maintenance of list of dates, adding/accumulating, then: no.

d2) If you want to see only the one date, in explorer, then you can, but answer is no, you don't add it, it is already there.

To see it: In explorer, right click on top bar that has subtitles. You should then get a list of choices for what to actually display.  These should include at least these three dates (but only one per file): modified, created, accessed.

d3) Well, if this is a programming question, then sure, programmer can do anything

e) What are you referring to, especially attending to the platform, the operating system involved. Question is all too general. Mac OS? Which version? Unix? Linux? MVS? VMS? (regardless, I suspect the actual answer would be similar to MS' O/S, but one should not presume too much on platform for such a question)


With so little info to go on, my best 'guess' is the answer is the d2:

Ans> No, you do not have to add it, for it is already there;/ yes, the information can be retrieved from the system.


I have a PDF document that was created from Word.  I've added form fields.  I'm using ASP to retrieve the PDF file.  Whenever a user pulls up the PDF file, I want the current date (our server system date) to be displayed on the PDF document.  Sounds like your d3) option is what I'm looking for.

i think this link could be of some help to you
i will let you know if i find anything else
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That's what I needed. Thank you!
your welcome

actually i was looking out for some help on acrobat as well-when i found this link -
 i came in search of some help ti this site -

my problem is :
 i am looking for linking between two pdf files using visual basic code.

 in the sense that I have a annotated area in one pdf file and when i click on that annotation should open the related pdf file. (which is not in the sam pdf file but totally a diff pdf file)

and help provided will be highly appreciated.


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