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I have developed an application in VFP6 which I will soon be compiling using VFP7.  It automatically emails using Outlook97 and 2000 very well.  I am trying it in OL2002 and have to click Yes for every email it generates.  If there are 100 emails automatically geenrated at one time that is 100 clicks on Yes with at least a one second wait between each one.
Now you see where the problem is.  I need to either tell OL2002 in the registry or program settings to allow my program to send email without the dialog box or pop up a box that gives an option of how long to allow this program access.
The second thing that I mentioned there is how it is handled with my Casio PDA.  It syncs with OL2002.  When I tell it to sync I see a warning that allows me to choose how long to allow this program access.  Can this be done?  In VFP Code?
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Here is the progress in the VFP area.  One solution gets both questions.



By the way, I have looked at the Outlook Object Model.  There is a ShowCategoriesDialog but I don't see anything about controlling prompts or allowing access to a certain program for a specified amount of time.
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Hey slink9 thanks,

tried code once but it wouldn't work reliable (not a good outlook coder either :) )

you could try this nifty exe

it's better then fooling around in the registry or trying to get the settings adjusted (what you basically try to do is undoing the security MS built in against scripting wihtout you knowing it :) )

that little exe will detect the box and click for you

btw i think zlatev did a good job of trying in your vfp question ... so better give hime some for the trouble


PS.you know you teached me something [sometimes you win sometimes you lose] that was invaluable advice :)

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