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I am trying to run X-COM: UFO Defense on Windows XP. I know that XP doesn't support MS-DOS, but I also know that running this program is possible and has been done. I've tried compatibility wizard, I downloaded VDMSound, which didn't work (although I don't even need it; when I start up X-COM the sound works perfectly, but the image is all garbled and impossible to understand). I've also tried downloading a program that lets you run an imaginary PC off of the main one (a virtual machine) but was unable to install an OS on the Virtual Machine. HOW CAN I GET X-COM RUNNING? Those of you out there who are fans know how much this sucks.
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yeah i know it!!
but if you get into dos and try to run it from there, it should work.
you just need to know the path
I've had the same problem, and just broke down and got it for the Playstation.  So rewarding, no more green screens.  Love it!
Use a windows 98 bootdisk... (get one from www.bootdisk.com), and restart your computer with that in the drive, when the DOS prompt comes up use change directory into your xcom dir and run the exe.
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Its directx...
Run the program dxdiag (search for it) and disable all your diretx accelerating in the video tab. I had the same problem.
Follow these steps and you will be playing in no time.

- Right click on the Desktop
- Select Properties.
- Select the Settings Tab.
- Select the Advanced Button (above apply)
- Select the Troubleshoot Tab
- Note where your hardware acceleration slider is set currenty.
- Drag your Hardware Acceleration slider all the way to the left.
- Select Apply
- Select OK
- Select OK
- Launch X-Com (Your pictures will not be garbled any longer)
- When you are finished playing the game, make sure to follow these steps again to enable hardware acceleration (All newer graphical windows games make use of this).
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