How do I draw an Image on the menubar?

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  I am working on an app where I need to have an image on the topright corner. The problem is there's a menubar and the image needs to start from right under the window's title bar.

When I try to do this with a PictureBox, Vb won't let me drag it any higher and if I set top to a negative number it just cuts off my image.

I know this is possible, I've seen in done in a MFC program.

How can I do this is VB?

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Have no clue, but you may want to try

or something like that in formload.


I tried that before. All it does is cut off the picture.

Is there some APIs I could use?? Or is there something I could do with the menubar?

You can use 'SetMenuItemBitmaps'  Win32 API function and some others to manage look of your menus.

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I think I solved my own question. What I needed to do was get a Window HDC (this type of display context includes the nonclient area). To get this type of HDC, I used GetDCEx with a a DCX_Flag of DCX_WINDOW.

And once I have that I could draw anywhere on the window that I want!


How can I close my own question????
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