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I have Win 2000 Advanced Server on #1 and Win 95 on #2. I'd like to set up a network whereby I can run my ASP scripts from #2. I have IIS 5.0 on #1 and am using a cross-over cable. I am completely blank where networking is concerned. Please hold my hand on this.

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Start here for step by step info :

I hope this helps !
First, try a hub or if you have a DSL line try a inexpensive linksys DSL router. You can buy a cheap hub for as low as $20 a Linksys DSL router is about $80.
Add TCP/IP to each network card configuration. If you need more info on where to find this let me know.

On one machine (#1) make the ip address subnet mask

on the other make the ip address subnet mask

reboot both machines and you should be ready to go.

To run tests goto machine #1 open a dos prompt then type >ping

if it fills up with numbers your ok. if it doesnt get back with the info you see.


Thanks Huckey and all I'll give it a try

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