How to transfer accounts from NT to Win 2000?

Erwin Krisch
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We just recently installed from scratch Windows 2000 Server. Before we were running Windows NT 4.0 Server. The problem is that on our old server we have a hugh amount of accounts which we have to create again on the new one. Is there anyway to transfer the accounts from Windows NT to Windows 2000? Upgrading to Windows 2000, for reasons too long to mention, is not a posibility.
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This link has information that will probably prove useful to you

Hope this helps
If that link does not help then this one should be useful as well.  Its third party software I have not tried but it says it does exactly as you want.
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The correct method of upgrading NT to win2k, involves,  installing NT 4 on the new server as a BDC, promoting it to a PDC. Making sure all the account info has been synched, and then upgrading it to Win2k.
Then you have all the account info.

I hope this helps !
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Microsoft has a tool called the Active Directory Migration Tool. You can use this tool to migrate user accounts, groups and computers from your NT4 domain to your new AD domain. The following two KB articles explain how to perform a domain migration using the ADMT.

The ADMT requires that your target domain be native mode. I don't think he is able to go to native mode. Bringing up another NT server as a bdc is the best option.

Install NT server to another machine.
Make it a BDC to the existing domain.
Synch the domain.
Take your PDC offline
Promote your BDC to a PDC.
Upgrade the server to w2k.

You may want to do this on the server you installed a fresh copy of w2k server. That way you don't have to worry about taking w2k domain controller offline. You don't have to deal with transferring FSMO roles.

Hope this helps

Matt Defore
Nothing in his post indicates that he can't go to native mode.
"We just recently installed from scratch Windows 2000 Server"

This indicates he setup a brand new forest. There are no NT4 DCs which are part of his forest. There are many pros and cons to both a migration and an upgrade. A migration allows you to start with a clean slate, so any problems you have with your current domain structure go away. It also allows for a safer more gradual transition. There is more work involved in a migration. An upgrade is easier to perform, but carries more risks.

If he wants to do an upgrade instead of a migration, he will have to blow away the forest he already built.

I don't think it would be much work to recreate a forest and an OU structure if it is not populated with users and objects. the best option is to bring up an NT4 BDC.

Matt Defore

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