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hi guys,
i'm a real newbie. i have practically 0 experience with any sort of programming language.
i thought it would be cool to make some sort of chat program to send messages to another computer on my network. i use net send, but i'd like to make it easier to use.

so i have something like this: shell "net.exe send <pcname> message"
my question is, how do i get a string from a text box into the command under message? do i have to use something different altogether?
i defined a variable k = val(box.text) | box is my text box. i can't replace "message" with "k", it just sends the letter k to the receiving computer.

just need a short answer if you feel compelled to help me out =)
i know there are other programs that do it, but i wanna learn how to program.
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'Just make 1 command button, 2 text box's.

'Set the Command Buttons Caption to "Send"
'Set the Text Box's Text to Blank.

'The first text box will be used to give the computer 'name, second for the boody of the message.

'In the command button put the code:

Shell "net send <" & text1 & > " & text2,0

'Again text1 is computer name, text2 is message :)

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