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I am new at Web designing and am looking for info on how to make description boxes for my link buttons using frontpage.

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Add text that describes a graphic

In 'Page view', right-click the graphic, choose 'Picture Properties' on the popup menu, and then click the General tab.
In the Text box, under 'Alternative representations', type the alternative text  (alternative text: Used by Web browsers to display text during image downloads for users who have graphics turned off, and for users who rely on screen-reading software to convert graphics on the screen to spoken words. ) for the graphic.
Note   Some Web browsers also display alternative text while the graphic is downloading, or when a site visitor moves the mouse pointer over the graphic.


Alternative text should be just long enough to convey the meaning of the image but by using keywords about the image that appear on the page you can increase your search engine optimisation of the page.

See Tip 5 for further information on applying descriptive boxes using the html title tag and javascript to text or graphics.

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