Windows 98 operating on a Toshiba Portege 7010CT lap top

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I have recently aquired a Toshiba Portage 7010 CT laptop from work which had a network verson of NT as an opererating system. I eventually managed to remove NT and load whidows 98SE but the display is only using 2/3 of the screen area. I have tried changing the settings in the Display section od the control panel but the 'screen area' option will not change from 640 x 480 pixels
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it seems that you need to fide the right drivers for the display.

Goto the Toshiba web site and get the chipset drivers & all other drivers they have for your laptop.

If you had problems removing NT I recommend that you:
1) Make (or download from a Win98 boot disk.
2)Download all the Toshiba drivers & put 'em on floppies.
3) Reformat your hard drive for Win98 [FAT32]. If you didn't reformat, your hard drive will have FAT(16) file structure. This wastes space, will keep your computer slow, and is not as secure as FAT32.
After you reinstall Win98 you can load the Toshiba drivers.
Once everything is installed, don't forget the Windows Update for all the patches an' plugs from Microsoft.

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As stated in the other comments, you need the specific chipset/display drivers. The previous NT OS display was functional because the display driver(s) were NT specific at that time. When you went to 98se the driver is not the same and not apparently native on the 98se CD, and so defaults to some minimally usable measure of display which accounts for your problem.
On a broad statement: Remember that many functions of a computer requires drivers, and that those drivers are specific to the OS(and version) used. In any event, heed the above advise.

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