Error: 15457, Severity: 0, State: 1

mbatuchic used Ask the Experts™
I am receiving the following error message in the SQL Server Error logs:

Configuration option 'show advanced options' changed from 1 to 1. Run the RECONFIGURE statement to install..

and then the following right after the above:

Error: 15457, Severity: 0, State: 1

I ran the RECONFIGURE statement and it didn't help.  I like to know what Error 15457 is for and what I can do in order to not get that error again.  The machine runs SQL Server 2000 and Service Pack 2.  
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Hello mbatuchic,

it's an informational message not really an error message, if you change your server properties or if you view them in the Enterprise Manager, you will see this message

when you change server settings, you run reconfigure

more info about reconfigure is in Books Online (as everything :))



I knew that this error message is informational if the severity level is '0'.  But I want it to go away.  Do you know how not to get it anylonger?  Also, I don't remember reconfiguring or changing the properties of my server in EM or otherwise.  Thanks.

I'll be glad to make it disappear also...

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