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Want to have a CHECKBOX (completed task) and if checked, another field (Date) can be unlocked to fill in.  If not, date field cannot be filled in.
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In the Checkbox's AfterUpdate event:

Private Sub Checkbox1_AfterUpdate()
   Select Case Checkbox1
      Case True
         Me!Date.Enabled = False
         Me!Date.Locked = True
      Case False
         Me!Date.Enabled = True
         Me!Date.Locked = False
   End Select
End Sub
Put this code in the "GOT FOCUS" of the control you want to lock.... with [CHECKBOX] being the control you need to have checked if the [DATEFIELD] is to be active.  

This segregates the code to the specific control (less liklihood of misfires)

Private Sub [DATEFIELD]_GotFocus()
  If [CHECKBOX] = True Then
       [DATEFIELD].Locked = False
      [DATEFIELD].Locked = True
   End If

End Sub


Works fine... thxs!

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