Slow Append query - Access to Oracle with ODBC

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I am using an Access front end to allow users to append records to an Oracle table through ODBC.  

I am suprised by how slow the query runs -- it takes over 5 minutes append 2000 records.  I am not doing anything fancy in the query, it is a simple INSERT INTO (SELECT FROM).

Does anyone have any tips for speeding up an append query?  I have indexes on the same fields in each table, and that doesn't seemed to help.
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There are a lot of factors that can cause this -

Inserts take much longer depending on:
-number of indexes on the table
-other programs accessing the db (types of locking used)

etc. etc.  This is not an easy problem to troubleshoot but I would look at the number of indexes you have first and use only the ones that help.
The fastest way would be to create a passthrough query with a "full blown" INSERT statement I guess.

You would need to create a query of the passthrough type (create a new query but add no table and select from the Query menu the specials)
This will open a text window where you can enter a query in Oracle format.

Now you'll have to create code to fill that text like:

dim qd as querydef
dim rs as recordset

set qd = currentdb.QueryDefs("<passthrough query name>")

set rs = currentdb.openrecordset("SELECT FROM")

WHILE not rs.eof
  qd.SQL = "INSERT INTO X (field1, fiel2) VALUES ("&rs!field1&", "&rs!field2&")"
  currenntdb.execute ("<passthrough query name>")

Getting the idea ?


ODBC is slow.
Network traffic is a factor.
As stated above, Indexes on the destination table SLOW DOWN inserts.  They do not speed them up.
Plus there are Oracle things like the number and size of available rollback segments, current CPU utilization on whatever box the db is on (ie, what other processes are you fighting for resouces.)

Sounds to me like Nico's approach is your best bet.


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