Delphi menus align shortcuts in a wrong way

zoltan082098 used Ask the Experts™
Unlike all other applications, those generated by Delphi 1..6 indent shortcut keys in menus to left - instead of aligning them to right.
Has anybody an idea why? Even The main menu of the Delphi 6 program itself has shortcuts aligned in a right way...
Can I have a solution to fix this problem?
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I think menu shortcuts are left-aligned :)

Check out Outlook Express, or IE... MS Office however, have them right-aligned. (hmm... inconsistency, heh)

If you want right-aligned menus, check out the Toolbar2000 components ( It comes with add-on components (check out the third-party files section) which makes the menus skinnable (XP-like, Office-like, etc).


Maybe by changing source file for TMainMenu...

Do I understand wrong? I'm using Delphi 5 and Ctrl+A for example is positioned right to the menu item caption:

aaaaaaaaaaaaa Ctrl+A
bb            Ctrl+B

A is just above B

If it's not the case at your side then probably your menu font is of proportional type instead of fixed-width I think.

Regards, Geo

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